About The Sailing Foodie


Welcome to The Sailing Foodie!  I am a 30 something Maritime Safety professional who spends 90% of her day talking, dreaming and planning my life around food.

I grew up in a large extended Italian family where food was how you showed love.  Whether for good or bad times food always played a main role in family events.

That passion for food that my grandparents, aunts and mother have for food and life has been a huge impact on my life!  The plus side of that is that I learned at a young age how powerful food can be.  The smell or taste of a dish can take you back in time or melt away a days stress in an instant. 

I started this blog to share with them and you my adventures in cooking classic family recipes as well as my love for all things "global" when it comes to food.

I hope you enjoy my journey thru life as a Sailing Foodie as I attempt to balance out tradition, family, work, fitness, health and the pursuit for the ultimate beer/burger combo!