Friday, April 11, 2014

A week of training!!

So it's 11am ish on Friday and I have completed my week of Water Survival and Safety training.

It was a such a fun week! Over the 5 days our class tested our skills in Fire Fighting, boarding and launching life boats. Water survival after an abandon ship and finally helicopter escape training.

This morning we met in the pool bright and early to test our skills. I was excited for the challenge but would be lying if the thought of being dunked in an enclosed Helo Simulator didn't freak me out.

I have a video that I stole from youtube to give you all an overview of what we went through. We are not allowed to take photos throughout the class although I know many of you would have paid good money to see my all done up in my survival gear.

My only disclaimer is for my mom...

Mom DO NOT WATCH THIS!! I am not kidding! They kick it off by showing a Helo crash and let's be honest you are not watching that!!.....

For the rest of you land lovers, here is your chance to see what type of training us pirates go through to prepare. The below link will take you to YouTube and it is about 4 minutes long. Enjoy!!

I am off to sit by the hotel pool which I am assuming will be free of people trying to chuck me out of life boats or Helo Simulators!


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Monday, April 7, 2014

A New Adventure at Sea!!

Hello Friends!!!

Since graduating from University many many many years ago I have gleefully worked within the Maritime Industry. I have been lucky to work in an office and travel to ships making sure they were safe. It was the perfect mix of office and sea time.

Well starting this week that all changes! I have decided to take a job that puts me at sea for 3 weeks at time!!! On Sunday I will take a helicopter (I KNOW!!!) out to a Drill Ship in the Gulf of Mexico. For 3 weeks I will work as a Safety Training Coordinator onboard. I honestly am not sure what to expect but I am over the moon with excitement.

You know what is even cooler? When I sign off the ship I will have 3 weeks off! That is right! 3 weeks to visit family and friends. 3 weeks to be a beach bum on MV. 3 weeks to take in morning walks, long yoga classes and lazy dinners.

I am sure there will be ups and downs with being away but the experience of becoming a real salty sailor is so exciting to me! I will admit my biggest fear is not being able to cook for myself for 3 weeks! I plan to make friends with the Stewards dept ASAP! Perhaps they will let me play in the kitchen if I ask nicely!

This week I am in Louisiana for training. Over the next 5 days I will be getting up to speed with Vessel orientation, Safety Training and Emergency Helicopter evacuation!!

I hope to post throughout the week and while onboard to give you a glimpse of life at sea.

I would be lying if I said that this experience hasn't had my insides churning with anxiety but honestly I am pretty sure this is the last time in my life I can take such selfish career path.

So stay tuned for updates and pictures on one of the craziest adventures I have ever taken on!!!

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