Saturday, November 30, 2013

A Return To Blogging

Oh hey there.... it has been a REALLY LONG time since I sat down and blogged! 10 months to be exact!

Long story short is I have been working, traveling and enjoying life. I needed time to walk away from the computer and focus on life.

I think I just needed a break from bloggging, I was getting caught up in always thinking about what to write about, did I have my camera with me etc... The good news is I missed blogging!

So after a very extended break (and a new laptop) I am back!

I even went and dyed my hair! Goodbye blond hello brunette!

I plan on revamping the blog over the next few weeks and get back to what I love doing... Creating recipes and sharing reviews of the many places where I stuff my face around New England!

Like this AMAZING pork dish from Offshore Ale on Martha's Vineyard earlier this fall.

I thought in the interim I would basically share the past ten months with you all via instagram. I may have taken a break from the blog but my obsessive need to overshare via social media stayed strong!

Look forward to an upcoming recipe post that deals with all the leftovers from Thanksgiving!


I sipped cocktails in the coolest library in Boston!

I ate more than my share of Rosemary Fries from Clover food truck

I took part in Fast and Furious Movie Marathons... The most epic way to spend a day off!

I traveled ALOT for work and pleasure

I ran with my family!

I rocked the photo booth at the wedding of the year....

I celebrated Oktoberfest w/ my family at Harpoon in VT

I attended work galas with friends (in $45 dress to boot!)

I tried to steal pumpkins at Scribe Winery in Sonoma Ca

I celebrated my 33rd birthday sipping nectar of the gods with friends in Napa Ca

I spent the summer eating shellfish and really embracing every bit of sunshine while it lasted!

I took to the sea...

I flew to Savannah to meet this precious snuggle bug!

I partied with sailors in my best boat shoes and VV accessories

And I brunched hard!!!

Looking back I took over 1000 pictures in 2013! This is just a sampling of the good times! It was such a great year but I am ready to get back to writing and sharing my adventures with you all!