Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Snowshoeing.. All the cool kids are doing it!

It seems that Mother Nature has decided that Spring will not come early to New England this year.  She is a fickle woman who has brought one storm after another this past month.  I have shoveled more snow this month than all last winter!  I get it lady, February is not spring... no more please!

Although the one good thing all this snow has brought is the ability to get out there and snowshoe!  I know what your thinking?

"Beth, you are summer girl, why on earth do you love snowshoeing?"

How you ask, can one summer loving parrot head learn to love the snow and cold?  Well first there is the Apres Ski style of the north.  Who wouldn't love a culture where sitting by the fire in obnoxious sweaters sipping on cocktails is encouraged!  The second and more applicable reason is snowshoeing!  I finally tried it this year and I am hooked!  I have attempted skiing and snowboarding in the past, and well... lets just say that high speeds and steep mountains are not a good combination for this baby giraffe!

But snowshoeing?  That is my speed people!  It takes my love of hiking and adds insane views and great cardio smack in the middle of winter!

In the past couple months I have gone twice!  Lets be honest, that is an achievement for this summer gal to bundle up and head out side into the cold mountain hill tops of New England!

Enjoy the photos of my two trips out ala Instagram Style:

First Time Out:  North Conway, NH 

This trip was super foggy but also in the mid-40s. A great first attempt at the sport!

Steph attempts to strap on the shoes

I felt like I was in the highlands of Scotland!

coming down this icy rocky hill was a bit of a dangerous adventure!

Second Time Out:  Killington VT ( 2 weeks later!)

This time out, my roommate and I went on a tour that included a lunch!  Much colder hike but the reward of a hot lunch and cold beer made the hike totally worth it!

I highly suggest taking the tour by the awesome people over at High Altitude Adventures  They are super nice, informative and have a heated tent where they make you lunch!  You can pop over for a day time hike or arrange a twilight hike & dinner among the stars!  I will be back for that hike!


Can you find the bear claw marks??!?!

Thought I found big foot! Turned out it was just my "bigfoot "

Both weekends were the perfect cure to the mid-winter blues!  I am hoping to get out a few more times this winter/spring.  But Mother Nature please take note that I don't need 3 feet of snow in my backyard... I am very happy to drive to NH or VT to snowshoe... leave the snow to the mountains woman!

Do you have a winter sport that you love or just tried out?