Monday, February 4, 2013

A Pirates Life for Me?

Being a girl who loves the sea it is not a far stretch to think that at some point in my life I have considered being a pirate.  What's not to love about the dream of sailing the world, pillaging for riches, burying your treasure and drinking all the rum you can get your hook hands on.

I may not be able to fulfill most of these dreams, I doubt highly that my uncoordinated self would be very good at pillaging other ships and I am sure I would forget where I buried my treasure (due to the rum).  However, I think I can manage to stay close to the sea and drink rum, yes... I can drink rum with my toes in the sand...

Last week I came across just the rum I will have in hand when my toes are in the sand and I am singing off key one of my favorite pirate songs...  Privateer Rum!  It is a local rum made in Ipswich Ma and it is as close to perfect for a liquor as you can get people!

I was lucky enough to be invited to a Rum Pairing dinner at Grafton Street in Cambridge hosted by Privateer Rum.  The four course meal paired their amazing rum with the delicious creations from the amazing staff from Grafton Street.

This dinner was open to all but I was given a special invite as a Boston Food Blogger to give my opinion of the event (all opinions expressed below are 100% my own). Fellow blogger Rachel and I had the pleasure of sitting with the head Distiller Maggie Campbell from Privateer, her husband and Privateers Territory Manager Kofi.

To say that we had a good time is in understatement of the year!  The 5 of us laughed, stuffed our faces, sipped on sublime cocktails and busted out our versions of 90s hip hop songs...  It was a perfect Tuesday...

Pomegranate's make this cocktail healthy right?

Maggie and Kofi are so passionate about Privateer that it becomes contagious!  I learned all about how they distill the Rum and how each batch is its own distinct creation.  Maggie can tell just from sipping a cocktail which batch it is from!

Thank you Kofi & Maggie!  Such a fun night!

Duck and golden raisins...  a match made in foodie heaven!

As we sipped and noshed on the creative cocktails and entrees designed by the staff of Grafton Street I realized how naive I have been about pairing cocktails with meals.

The 3rd cocktail that made me forget it was Tuesday and a "school night"

I am usually the girl who will have a cocktail to start the night and then switch to wine during my meal.  How wrong I have been!!!  These cocktails helped pull out the savory, the spice and the citrus notes of each dish!

Cheddar Cornmeal Waffles w/ rum syrup!  Mad Genius at Grafton St!!!

A light and stormy was the perfect note to cut the creaminess of our shrimp and curry.

I may have threatened to drink this curry straight from the plate until they brought me bread to sop it up!

This final cocktail was like a warm embrace from winter!  

I could spend hours typing about the wonders of this meal...  I will save you all from my incoherant babblings of praise for both this rum and Grafton Street!  I will tell you to get out there and try this rum and head to Grafton Street for dinner!

Both will make you feel like you have been welcomed home....
Cinnamon Ice Cream people!  Need I say more?

Also, if I ever do become a full fledged pirate this rum is coming with me and so is the cook from Grafton Street! (What?! I am going to be a pirate, I need to have prisoners right?!)

Look for this label!  It is the good stuff people!