Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween - Doctor Who Style!

I know, I know...  I went on vacation over a month ago and haven't written since. Yes I have been busy but honestly I just haven't been in the mood to write. Hoping by sitting down and typing will help get me over this block.

Good news today is one of my FAVORITE days of the year!  As a kid my mom would start planning our costumes in the summer.  My sister and I were everything from a man eating flower to a hot air balloon (complete w/ free standing balloon and actual basket my sister stood in!)  Mi Madre is pretty freaking awesome when it comes to Halloween and being creative!

In honor of the funnest lady I know, this year I made my costume (more like Semi-homemade) but it still counts right?

This year, I went as the TARDIS (Time and Relative Dimension in Space) Machine from the show Doctor Who.

For inspiration I went to the place where all first world women go to these days.... Pinterest!  One quick search for TARDIS Dress brought up some pretty impressive outfits!

Thankfully I already owned a blue dress that I picked up at Target years ago (even better it still fit!).  I figured with the help of some paint and a glue gun I could whip an "inspired" tardis dress without too much injury trouble.

Unassuming simple Target shift dress from mid-2000's 
I knew I wanted the dress to look like the front door of the TARDIS, so I figured I could paint the white panels and glue on the signs (literally I glue gunned actual paper print outs..)  this is not a long term option but it did hold up for an entire party Saturday night and I will be rocking it again tonight!

I used card stock to mark where I wanted the panels and also taped the other pieces to the dress while I was wearing it to make sure everything was where I wanted it. (This dress tends to bunch as you walk so I didn't want the paper to constantly be pulling).

I laid out my supplies and plenty of paper (no need to paint the hardwoods!) 

Annnnnd I cracked open a bottle of liquid DIY courage....  I knew this would either come out awesome or the result of letting rabbid monkeys loose with a paint brush....

I spent 2 nights on the costume.  First night I glued and painted the white panels.  I let this all dry before adding the details and the belt.

For any Doctor Who fans, I hope you enjoy the extra "flair" I added to the dress....

Day 2, I did my best at free hand window panes and borders.  I also hot glued the "Police" sign to an old black fabric belt I had laying around.

Not too shabby right?!?!

The end result came out AWESOME!  I even met a couple who dressed up as the Doctor and River at the party!!

I will totally be saving this dress for future events...  I am really happy with the results even if it isn't perfect.

Anyone else dressing up for Halloween?