Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Weekend Getaway to CT

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

I am writing to you all from lovely Vermont with my family.  Before we get into the wonderful week we have planned here I need to tell you all about the most amazing weekend I just had at Mohegan Sun with a great group of ladies.

Bianca invited me as her guest for a Girls' Only Blogger Weekend at Mohegan Sun hosted by the resort.  From the moment we arrived I knew we were in for a treat! It was wonderful to catch up with a few Boston Bloggers I knew and to meet some other bloggers that I personally read daily! What a great group of fascinating and amazing ladies!

The weekend kicked off with Bianca and I leaving Boston bright and early to make it to Uncasville, CT by 9am! The schedule for the day included options to bike, hike or visit the local aquarium.  Can you guess which excursion I chose?  

If you guessed the Aquarium then give yourself an extra slice of pie today! 

Bianca and I picked to visit the Mystic Aquarium for the morning. We lucked out with a beautiful day that was crisp but still warm enough to walk outside w/ just a vest and scarf.   I am sure you can tell from the pictures but my favorite part of the morning was the outdoor exhibits. When Bianca and I saw the Beluga whales we both squeeed and giggled louder than all of the actual children at the exhibit!!  

The whales were happily swimming by the glass and I am pretty sure they were laughing and smiling at all of us. It was amazing to see such massive creatures act so playful and graceful throu the water. 

After pulling ourselves away from the whales (and Bianca convincing me NOT to jump in the tank and swim with the whales) we made our way to see sea lions, seals and penguins all frolicking in the sunshine. There was plenty of giggling and photo snapping by both of us!

Once inside we explored the many tanks of fishes from around the world. I even had the chance to touch a shark!!  
This guy felt more like a pair of well worn boots than the slimy fish I expected.  ( and yes I was the only person over the age of ten at the interactive tank but I did not care! How often do you get the chance to touch a shark?!?!?!?!?! )
I even ran into Nemo!!! 

This turtle did not like to have his photo taken..... But the jellyfish below didn't even take notice of me :)

We even saw the most fashionable crustacean ever! A blue lobster who accessorizes with hot pink bracelets!

After the aquarium we headed back to hotel/ casino in style!

We checked in to our rooms VIP style then headed to Bobby Flay's burger joint for lunch.  Two words for you.... CHIPOTLE KETCHUP! God bless Bobby Flay!

I will get into the details of the weekend in the next post. A few spoilers include a steak to convert all veggie lovers and shrimp n' grits that made this Yankee think about moving to Alabama!

My weekend was comped by Mohegan Sun but as always my reviews of the weekend are 100% my own!

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Boston Blogger Holiday Meetup!

The lovely ladies over at Boston Bloggers have set up another great Boston Blogger meetup next month.  If you are around December 4th please come out and welcome in the Holiday Season with old and new friends.  They will also be collecting unwrapped toys for charity.  You can register here and find more details here.

Hope to see you all there!