Saturday, September 22, 2012

To Wine Country I must go!

As I type this I am somewhere high above the United States on my way to Sonoma/ Napa via San Francisco!!!  

Myself, awesome roommate and two great friends are about to embark on an amazing week in Wine Country!  To say that I am excited is the understatement of a lifetime!  The majority of my vacations are spent either on MV or exploring a city solo after a work trip.  To have the ability to visit some of the more well known wineries in the US with 3 amazing ladies make me a very lucky girl!  

Our trip begins today in San Fran were we will spend the night. Tomorrow we will meet up w/ our 4th partner in crime (she lives in LA) and begin our trek north to Sonoma.  The week is packed full of tastings, tours and even a "make your own wine blend" class at Paradux. I have my camera and iPad charged and ready to go!  I am hoping to get in a few posts this week on our adventures!  I even have a Moelskine wine journal to keep track of all the wines we taste!  

Now it should be pretty obvious that this foodie would not get on a 6 hour flight without snacks!  In my little cooler I have packed apples, almonds, roasted sweet potato slices, veggies & hummus (3oz Tupperware) and a container of chickpea & avocado "egg salad". I am ready to relax and nosh my way across this country today!  

FYI, you should all try this vegan egg salad!  It is super easy to make, very inexpensive and really delicious!  All you need to do is smash together 1 can of drained chickpeas with 1 avocado until it looks like traditional egg salad.  Add some lime juice, cilantro and a hint of salt and you are ready to go!  That is it!  I did add hot sauce to mine because I love all these spicy but the possibilities are endless!

Ok! I am off to snack and finish watching Snow White and the Hunstman on my Amazon Prime account.  Love that site!!

What do you pack for snacks while traveling?