Thursday, August 30, 2012

A return to Youngie Days...

This year marks 10 years that I have been out of college! (EEEK/GASP!!!!)  It also marks 14 years since I started my college career at a para-military academy in good ole' Buzzards Bay!! (God I feel old!!!)

Not a bad place to spend 4 years!

Part of going to such a school requires that all freshman Youngies go through a 2 week Orientation Boot Camp.  The objective is to too teach cadets the finer points of how to live at sea, take direction and learn what it means to live life as a merchant mariner.

The current orientation class going on now down on the cape! (source)
It is a weird feeling to look back on what at the time felt like the worst 2 weeks of my life!  Now I remember the weeks with laughter, insanity and really miss the time I had with that group of people!  The 40+ kids that were in my "company" for those 2 weeks are still some of my closet friends 14 years later.  Most live scattered around the world but when we get together it is like not a day as passed.

Gotta love a school where EVERYONE is in the fitness plan! (source)

The schools current Training Ship (source)
This evening, I have the pleasure of joining a group of MMA staff, alumni and friends of the academy on a mini Harbor Cruise around Boston Harbor that will stop off at the schools training ship. The ship is in town for a few days to give the cadets a real world snapshot of life at sea and why they are going through this insane orientation process.   I am excited to go onboard the newer training vessel (was acquired after I graduated), see how the youngies are surviving bootcamp and relive a few moments of a "glory days".

I will be sure to post some fun action shots later this week of the event and you can also look forward to a few more MMA/Alumni centered posts in the next few weeks.  Who knows maybe I will even pull out and scan some actual photos from my days in college for your amusement (that is right kiddos, this old lady has photo albums of college pictures!  No digital pictures or Facebook albums here...)  We have a few networking and Alumni events on the calendar that will surely give me my fair share of MMA for a while :)

Thanks to the Foundation for inviting me this evening!