Tuesday, June 12, 2012

New England Food Truck Tour

Spring/Summer in New England seems to always be filled with one outdoor event after another.  I think the long cold winters push us to be outside as much as possible during the summer months.  One event that is new to me this year has become an instant favorite that I will TOTALLY go to again and again!

The New England Food Truck Tour is a way for people to discover there local food trucks all in one location.  The tour kicked off this past Sunday at Umass Boston right on the water.  27 trucks and several thousand (i am guessing) met to enjoy all the deliciousness that can be made in the back of a truck!

For $30 (or $40 for VIP entry) guests are treated to one dish at each truck.  With 27 trucks in attendance you really can't beat that deal!  The only $$ you need to shell out on site is a few dollars here or there if you want a beverage from the trucks.

Laura and I paid the extra $10 for VIP entry and honestly it was the best decision I have made in months!  VIP entry allowed us access to the trucks 1 hour prior to general admission.  In that hour we were able to try out 5 trucks with minimal lines.  By 1230/1240 lines had gone from 5-10 people deep to 30/40!!!  CRAZY!!!  I cannot recommend the VIP ticket enough!!  We were able to browse, speak with the vendors and try several dishes without waiting forever in the hot sun or feel rushed.

Woodmans of Essex Fried Clams
As we perused the trucks in attendance we noshed on perfectly fried and seasoned clams from Woodmans in Essex Ma
The lovely ladies of BON ME
One of the trucks on my "foodie bucket list" was Bon Me!  I was dying to try their sandwiches and was stoked when Laura suggested we each get a different sandwich and share!!

We split the Korean BBQ Pork and Ginger Scallion Chicken.  Both were INSANELY delicious but I must say the freshness and slight acidity from Laura's Chicken sandwich was the winner!

Blueberry Lemonade & Green Muenster Grilled Cheese from Roxy's, Korean BBQ Pork from Bon Me
The Green Muenster Grilled cheese from Roxy's rocked my face off!  Muenster Cheese paired with BACON and guacamole was a match made in foodie heaven!  I could have eaten 10 of those little grilled babies!

We may have waited for the Chorizo Taco at Staff meal but it was totally worth the wait!  Truckmade chorizo mixed with crispy red cabbage and a cilantro crema was DE-LIC-IOUS!!!

Lamb sausage with rice and fresh pita bread from Chicken & Rice truck.  SOOO GOOOD!!!
By this point we were getting pretty stuffed!  The portions were snack size but lets be honest six food trucks can add up quickly in your stomach on a hot day!

Favorite Truck name of the day!
We enjoyed our final dishes overlooking Dorchester Bay & Marina Bay in the distance.  You really do forget what a beautiful place we live when you spend most of the time commuting or downtown inside different pubs...  I LOVE THIS CITY!

We returned to the madness to get a final dessert for the road (we walked from the JFK T stop, about a 15 minute walk...perfect for working off the friend clams and bacon!)  We could not believe the # of people now at the event!  We headed for the shortest line and honestly exactly what we wanted for our warm walk back.....


They were serving dixie cup size servings of their famous frozen lemonade.  It was exactly what I needed!  Cold, refreshing and not super sweet!

The event was a perfect Sunday outing for anyone and everyone!  The food tour will be making stops throughout MA and NH between now and this October.  I highly suggest getting out there and supporting the Food Truck community, trying something new and enjoying the outdoors while the weather is here!