Friday, May 18, 2012

EVENT EVE & DIY Manicure

It is almost here!!!  Tomorrow I will join 5 other amazing ladies along with 1000s of men and women in Boston in the 2012 Boston Avon Walk For Breast Cancer!!!!!  I cannot believe over the past 6 months our team has raised close to $14,000!!!  Thank you all so much!!!

To get me in the mood for all things Avon I decided to finally take one of those pinterest boards off the computer and try it out in real life.  The outcome was good, but by no means perfect... It still looks like a drunk 5th grader was my manicurist but it will do!


My inspiration:


 I tried out the Sally Hansen stick on manicure.. very easy to apply!  But a bit too much glitter for me...

I applied thin strips of painter tape to each nail (peels off easy and won't take the polish with it).

Then I applied 2 coats of this coral / pinkish polish from   Once dried, I peeled off the painters tape and applied a good layer of clear top coat and essie "good to go" speed drying top coat.

VOILA!  A fun, glittery manicure (I did clean up the edges a bit more after this photo)  I am very happy with this DIY experiment and am interested to see how long the Sally Hansen stick on manicure "sticks" my nails.  If I make it through the walk weekend I will consider it a success!

Ok, off to finish the work day and then EVENT EVE!!!  Cannot wait to kick off my 5th Avon Walk!  If you are in Boston this weekend come cheer us on!  You can find cheering station locations here:

Have an amazing weekend everyone!!!