Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Things I am Loving Right Now

So this blog is all about me and my life right?  Right!  So since this is all about me, I thought I would take a mini detour from foodie goodness and share with you all a few things I am totally crushing on right now.


Being a Techy Geek
My iPhone! (you knew I was going there)

    Shiny Bobbles!
    This Ring from IN PINK:

    Being Organized:
    This planner is the answer to every OCD need this self-confessed "To-Do List" Queen has!

    You can add your own photo to the cover!


    I am addicted to listening to podcasts on my commute, during work and whenever I am on training walks.  They are funny, informative and FREE!  Thank you iTunes.  Some of my favorites are:

    (Disclaimer, most of these have adult language and may not be appropriate for younger ears. I am a salty sailor and you have been warned!)


    The past few weeks Boston has exploded into blossomed filled streets, long days and cool evenings with the sun still out!  Minus my allergies I could not be more excited for the great weather, overload of color and abundance of spring flowers all around us!  Huzzah for Spring!!

    What are you loving right now?