Monday, April 2, 2012

Supper Club Take 4

Can I just say that the idea of these monthly Supper Club outings that Erica had may be the greatest idea ever!  Each month I am so impressed by the quality of food, atmosphere and company!  These are fastly becoming my favorite night of the month!

For March we ended up at Tangerino in Charlestown.  I will admit up front that I almost bailed on this dinner for 2 reasons.  

1. I was terrified to venture into Charlestown.  My only experience with Charlestown has been down at the docks for work, so my opinion of the town was not the greatest.  How wrong I was!!!

2. I have been fighting mother nature for a good 7 days with the worst case of allergies in almost 10 years!  I wish I was kidding I when I say I sound like the demented love child of the Hulk and Large Marge!  All I wanted to do was collapse in bed but I sucked it up and headed out.  

I am so glad I did!  Tangerino is in the cutest neighborhood!  The entire night was wonderful and hanging out with Erica, Karen, Bianca and meeting Amy was an added bonus!  Oh and did I mention it is Restaurant Week?  That means 3 courses for $33.11 !!!  Huzzah for a dinner deal!

Hendrick’s, St. Germain, Prosecco, rose water, muddled cucumber ($12)

I arrived first so I sat at the bar and had a Rose of Taza cocktail.  If you like gin than this is your drink!

Once the ladies arrived we made our way to our seats, took in the atmosphere of the restaurant and then plotted who was ordering what to make sure we could try as many items on the menu as possible!

I ordered the following items:
  • Harira - plum tomato, chickpeas, lentils, celery, cilantro (AMAZING SOUP!)
  • Sultan’s Kadra -Za’atar spiced rack of lamb, three cheese filled eggplant, shiitake mushrooms, figs, apricots, rosemary
  • Sorbet - Mango and (I think coconut)
This tuna tar-tare wasn't on the menu but when the waiter tells you to order something... you don't argue!  I am glad we listened!!  This 4 layer creation consisted of tuna, guacamole, cucumbers and mango.  Sounds like an odd combo but was a party in my mouth!

The soup was amazing but not really photogenic so no pics for you.  My lamb and eggplant WAS photogenic but I inhaled it before snapping a photo.  I did manage to catch a shot of the aftermath...

I will be dreaming of the crispy eggplant & cheese that came with the lamb chops!  Perfectly cooked!

During the meal we were entertained by in-house belly dancers.  I was in awe of their skill and pretty sure I would be in the ER if I tried!


Sorbet was great, but honestly I could care less about dessert and went straight for the tea!  If you have never had Morrocan Tea go get or make some!  It is somehow sweet and refreshing all at the same time!

Morrocan Tea with Mint & Honey.  AMAZING!!

Getting home was a breeze!  5 minute walk to the Orange Line, quick connection to the Red Line and home in 20 minutes!  I think this girl has a new neighborhood to explore this spring!

Overall I really enjoyed the night and I will be back to Tangerino soon!

You should go there!! Seriously, like tonight!  Just go!