Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Rainy Day Sunday Dinner

Sunday was cool, rainy and basically a day that said to me: "Stay inside and clean your apartment before A&E Hoarders shows up on your doorstep with a street full of dumpsters"

I listened to the message and washed, sorted AND put away basically my entire wardrobe.  By mid day my meals of turkey sandwiches and snacks of guac/salsa was not cutting it.  I knew with an impending Game 6 about to air and my complete lack of motivation to go out to the grocery store I was going to have to make dinner from what I had on hand in my pantry & freezer.

Thankfully, for this foodie I consider peppers, onions & garlic "pantry items".  Other items you will find in my pantry 99% of the time is frozen chicken and canned tomatoes.

Roommate had been talking about Chicken Cacciatore so I took to the interwebs and got to cooking!

I know the following recipe is not 100% a true Cacciatore.  The chicken was boneless and I didn't use mushrooms.  I used what I had on hand and think this version is just as tasty!

This meal was SUPER easy!  Maybe 10 minutes of actual prep/cooking time followed by 2 hours of simmering.  It was the perfect meal to enjoy mid game.  Hot, satisfying and filling.  Paired with Farro this Sunday dinner was just what we needed on a rainy day.

season your flour, you will thank me later!

Coat your chicken (I used boneless skinless chicken thighs from Wegmans) with flour and seasoning.

Brown your chicken in a bit of olive oil until brown on both sides.  Don't worry about cooking all the way through, it will have plenty of time to cook in the sauce.

After removing your chicken add in one sliced yellow onion, and one each sliced yellow & red pepper and diced garlic (about 3 cloves).  I used the oil left in the pan from the chicken and added a small tab of butter for flavor.

Cook on medium until softened.  Deglaze the pan with a good splash of white wine and add in a large can (28oz) of diced tomatoes.  I also added in about 1Tbsp of tomato paste, basil, oregano and several large shakes of Old Bay.

Put your chicken back in the pan, cover and walk away... just walk away and finish hanging up your clothes!
While your goodness is simmering away crack open a beer of your choice and curse your local hockey team until they win in OT!

Your dish is ready in as little as 30 minutes (enough time for your chicken to cook through) but I let mine simmer for almost 2 hours.  I served it with a side of farro but you can eat it alone, with pasta, rice or even polenta.  The possibilities are endless!

This was really really good!  I admit too that I think I liked it better the next day for lunch.  There is something about Italian food that just tastes better on day two.

Tonight is game 7 of this hockey series!  If you are in Boston, you know I will be at my local watering hole consuming Guinness and swearing like a sailor and biting off what little left I have of my nails.

GO Bs!!!