Thursday, April 12, 2012

Guest Post: Burger Meet Up - Back Bay Social Club

I always say that I write this blog because nobody at work wants to hear me gab about food all day.  That isn't entirely true.  My co-worker Kevin is pretty obsessed with food as well, especially burgers.  We talk about them all the time! So when he mentioned he was attending a Burger Meet Up I begged asked him to do a guest post.


First of all thank you to Beth, The Sailing Foodie, for extending me the offer of doing a guest post on her buzzing Boston food blog, I am honored. Let me officially start this post by thanking the BostonBurger Blog and Google Places for getting this Burger tasting off the ground.

This was my first time at the Back Bay Social Club, and after hearing much praise from burger fans throughout the city, it came damn close to living up to my expectations. The night’s menu consisted of three sliders each with a side dish as well as a pairing of beer or wine depending on your preference

**Disclaimer: Being a non-drinker I will not attempt to the alcohol pairings.

The service was very good, my water glass was never empty and we had just enough attention without being smothered or left to fend for ourselves. Now onto the main event…. Keeping in mind that this review is based on sliders and not full size burgers.  

Our first burger was the classic “Social Burger” which consists of the standard house beef, which I believe is called K1 Prime, a blend of three different cuts of meat, topped with caramelized onions and Vermont cheddar sandwiched between a hearty homemade bun. This burger was cooked near perfect with a pinkish red center, plenty of juice and flavor. The high note of this burger however was the Vermont cheddar; it simply stood out and complimented all the other ingredients perfectly. The bun was a little over toasted for my liking but not enough to take away from the burger itself. This came with a side of the house French fries which I must say were not overly hot, but salty and very very tasty, some of the better fries I have found paired with a burger within city limits…

Burger number two consisted of the same house meat blend and the same bun, however this time topped with sautéed mushrooms and brie. This was a first for me seeing brie on a burger let alone tasting it on a burger. I must say that I was pleasantly surprised, although you won’t find me ordering brie on my next burger; I would not turn it down. Burger #2 came with a side of pickled vegetables, which were a letdown, when is the last time you were wondering, “Should I get fries, or pickled vegetables with my cheeseburger?” I myself have never had to ponder the question; burgers come with fries, that statement needs no further explanation or validation, they just do. Overall this was my least favorite of the three, however keep in mind that is a relative favorite because it was still a delicious burger that I would order again.

Burger Number Three was overall my favorite burger of the night. Like the previous two this burger consisted of the BBSC house meat blend and the same bun, however this was topped with a pungent blue cheese and bacon. The burger was cooked to medium and consistent all the way through, the bacon was firm but not overly crispy which in my opinion it should be at least a subtle crunch. The standout here once again was the cheese, it was a strong flavored yet not overpowering blue cheese, the brand or region of the world it was from I do not know and sadly forgot to ask.  The side for this course was bacon candy…yes I said bacon candy, not that I have to tell you what it was to convince you that it was delicious but I will anyway.

This was bacon candied in maple syrup and brown sugar wrapped around a brown and serve sausage, the only objection I have to this is that they were actually using the frozen brown and serve sausages, which in some ways I feel is cheating.  Frozen sausage or not this was easily one of the best bacon based items I have ever tasted and would go back just for these alone.

It was a fun night and I thoroughly enjoyed it, thank you to Google Places and the Boston burger blog for putting on a great show!!