Monday, March 19, 2012

Shamrocks, Bagpipes and Skylines

Starting way back in the day when I was still in college I started attending the South Boston St. Paddy's Day Parade.  Back then it was an excuse to party and blow off steam from school.  Fast forward many years later and it has transformed into a day where I catch up with old friends, eat way too much homemade food and play kids while they scream with excitement at the parade.

Don't get me wrong, I loved the days of partying but call me an old lady... I prefer much more these recent years of seeing the parade through the eyes of the kids and mocking the 20-somethings who are drunk and crying by 3pm....

The other benefit to the day is that I have an excuse to spend 6 hours walking though some of my favorite neighborhoods in Southie. As you can see from the pics, buses and cars are no use to you on this day!

We really lucked out with AMAZING weather!!!  I mean come on... 70* on March 18th?!?!  I will take it!!!

Enjoy the recap of photos below and the view from a classmates roof deck!  Pretty sure he has the best view in all of Boston!!!

MMA!  Still marching!

The day was so much fun but I will admit. By the time I walked home around 430 I was exhausted!  My tootsies were on fire and I was sleepy!  I ordered a pizza, packed and conked out early last night.

Off to CT today for a work conference, look forward to a week of awkward and awesome moments of my life with sailors in a hotel conference room!

P.S. Congratulations to Erica, Melissa and Kimmy for winning the Trufflehead App Giveaway!!!  Deborah will be in touch soon with a link to your download.