Thursday, March 1, 2012

Craving the Rock...

Well looks like winter is having the last laugh by giving us this last minute storm for me to commute to work in...  Raining in Boston and snowy in Beverly... Thanks Mother Nature :(  All this snow/rain is making me crave one thing more than anything else....


I have noticed as an adult that every February I am acutely aware at the urge for summer to arrive and be on Martha's Vineyard with my toes in the sand.

Cold winters can make it worse but I almost think these mild temps we have had most of this winter make the craving worse!  All I want to do is drive South but I know that house is clamped up tight for at least another 2 months....

Instead of driving south I thought I would curb my craving by sharing with you all some of my favorite places to stop at when making the trip to the rock and where to go when you are finally there....

Each of these places holds a special place in my tummy heart.  Some places stand out because of the food, others for their location and some to be honest because of memories I have had there with friends and family.  I highly suggest heading to one or all of these spots on your next adventure to the rock!


Cape Cod Bagel:  

This little hidden jewel right as you come into Falmouth is my fav bagel place of all time!  I will gladly miss a boat to the rock so I can grab a java and a fresh bagel sandwich.  My dad who is notorious for only drinking HoneyDew Coffee still makes a point to stop here.  I used to think we were the only people that knew it was there.  My thoughts were however disproved by showing up one Sunday a.m. and seeing the line out the door!

Waiting for the steamship?  GO HERE!

Quicks Hole: Located across from the terminal, The Quicks hole which is fairly new to Woods Hole has become a favorite dinner spot for me.  Amazing burritos and chips.  You can eat in or get it to go if you are running for the ferry! They have a bar and trivia nights if you are staying shore side.  Follow them here

On The Rock

Mocha Mott's Where to even begin! I used to work for their competitor when I was in high school and college and I would STILL sneak down to obtain their magical coffee!  I stock up on it when I am leaving the island and it is the FIRST place I go when getting to the island.  (not kidding my dad and I have been know to go there with bags in hand!

Over the years they have expanded to serve sandwiches and pastries but the best food item on their menu is their Salsa Bacon Burrito Wrap!  It will change how you look at every other breakfast sandwich in the world!

Offshore Ale
This ale house holds a special place in my heart!  It was the first place I ever bought a Growler.  It was the place I had my first raw oyster (and fell in love) and it was the place where I used to bring Tupperware containers to fill with their amazing Clam Chowder when my grandmother didn't feel like cooking in the summer.

All that being said, YOU should go there because they have the best burger on the island, a raw bar that will rock your tastebuds AND they brew their own beer right there!!!!  Yeah!!!  GO THERE!

There are so many other places I could write about that have made me fall in love with a tiny island off the coast of Cape Cod... but I will save those for another day.  Here's hoping Mother Nature is having her last attempt at winter and by next month this sailor will be on the Steamship making her way to MV!!!

Cannot wait for this view come Spring!