Thursday, March 29, 2012

Coconut Jasmine Rice with Swordfish

One of the downsides of being a foodie is that my cravings are sometimes crazy and not easily ignored...  

So when I was trying to decide what to have with my Whole Foods "Thai Ginger Swordfish" and coconut rice popped into my brain I knew that nothing else would curb that craving.  Problem was I had never made coconut rice nor did I even know where to begin.

Thanks to the interwebs I found some great recipes and learned that coconut rice is EXTREMELY EASY!!! 

(Rice + Coconut Milk + Water + Spices = Dreamy Rice Heaven!)

Don't let the bland color fool you! This is packed with flavor!

To go along side the fish and rice, I sauteed up some green veggies with tumeric, ginger, cinnamon, red pepper and garlic.

Let it sautee down until softened....

While the veggies are cooking and rice is almost done, I threw the swordfish steaks on the griddler.  God I love this appliance!  It took about 7 minutes to cook them fully.  The nice part is I didn't have to flip them!  

The marinade was great! Not overly salty or spicy.  Just a nice balance that still let the flavor of the fish come through.  For $7, I was happy with this selection from the frozen section of Whole Foods.

I layered my dish with a giant bed of baby spinach, then the hot rice (spinach wilted down to nothing!) then the veggies and fish to top it off.

This was a great dish that satisfied my cravings but was still very healthy (and green!  I really should have made this on St. Paddy's Day... SO GREEN!)

What do you think of the photos?  I have been playing around with the editing and trying some different techniques...  More detailed post on this to come.