Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Blog Better Boston Recap

There are not many things that would make this girl get out of a warm bed early on a cold Saturday morning to trek to Cambridge for the day.  

It seems though that spending the day with some of my favorite bloggers happens to be one of the few things that would tempt me out!

Oh the fun you can have with over 100 Boston Bloggers!

A plethora of Food, Fitness, Fashion, Mommy and Lifestyle bloggers met at Google's Boston office in Cambridge this past Saturday to network and learn how to be a better blogger!  It was amazing!!!

The day was filled with chatting, eating and learning ways to better market, write, promote, and snap photos for your blog.  I was so inspired by the end of the day!

It was wonderful to catch up with food bloggers I have met through Boston Brunchers and also meet a whole new world of fashion, lifestyle and fitness blogs.  Boston has such an impressive community of bloggers!  My google reader may hate me after today but I have so many new blogs to add!

In between sessions I sipped on Vita Coco Coconut water thanks to onsite sponsors.  I tried the pineapple flavor and was pleasantly surprised.   I thought for sure it would be super sweet.  I was wrong!

The panel sessions were phenomenal!  It was so nice to hear tips and assurances from other blogs that I am on the right track.

Lunch was sponsored by Au Bon Pain and Pretzel Crisps.  The black bean burger with avocado was my favorite of the day!  Well played Au Bon Pain, well played!

So many pretzels!  Which ones to choose? I guess a few of all then...

The two best sessions of the day for me personally where the Photo Editing and Food Photography Breakout sessions.  They really rocked!!!  

It was great to hear from professional photographers that with a few tricks of lighting or clicks of a mouse on the computer I can greatly enhance my photos!  I love this blog, but lets be honest.  I have a full time job and nobody is paying me for this.  So the idea of dropping several hundred dollars on a spiffy camera is out of the question (for now....).   

Instead, I played around with the help of Picassa with the photos that I took with my Blackberry Camera! (Yes, I know... I still have a BB but work pays for it so whatever...).   I think I did a good job for a crappy camera and no prior photo shop knowledge.  What do you think?

Before Editing

After editing!
Mini cupcakes makes everything better!



I had such a great time and can't even begin to go into everything we talked about.  I will be spending some time getting more into the photo world thanks to a lot of tips/links given to us.  I of course will share with you all soon!

The tricky part of the next few months is going to be balancing my new found inspiration for blogging with work, trying to have a social life and an online continuing education course for work...

Oh the fun!

Any tips on how to balance it all?