Friday, March 30, 2012

Taste of South Boston - THIS SUNDAY

I will be here on Sunday evening.... WILL YOU?!

The 10th Annual
Taste of
South Boston
Sunday April 1, 2012
6:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.
Seaport World Trade Center
Harborview Ballroom
200 Seaport Boulevard
presented by:
South Boston Neighborhood
Development Corporation
Live Entertainment
Silent Auction • Raffles
Wine & Beer Tasting
Full cash bar
Tickets: $40.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Bucket List Vacation Booked!

This September I will be heading to CA with good friends to cross off an item on my bucket list!

pic stolen from Meghan's site

I can barely contain myself!!!  My roommate is already guilty of forwarding links to various wineries and restaurants!  To say that I will be saving my pennies for the next 5 months is an understatement.

Why you ask?  Cause we are going all out and making a reservation to French Laundry!!!

I am going to spend a ridiculous amount of money for a 9 course tasting and love every second of it!!!

We will be planning our attack on the area throughout the next few months but until then I will up my weekly ING savings account withdrawal,  eat at home more and research the heck out of Napa/Sonoma.

Please feel free to send me your favorite spots if you have been! I cannot wait!!! (sailingfoodie at gmail dot com)

Coconut Jasmine Rice with Swordfish

One of the downsides of being a foodie is that my cravings are sometimes crazy and not easily ignored...  

So when I was trying to decide what to have with my Whole Foods "Thai Ginger Swordfish" and coconut rice popped into my brain I knew that nothing else would curb that craving.  Problem was I had never made coconut rice nor did I even know where to begin.

Thanks to the interwebs I found some great recipes and learned that coconut rice is EXTREMELY EASY!!! 

(Rice + Coconut Milk + Water + Spices = Dreamy Rice Heaven!)

Don't let the bland color fool you! This is packed with flavor!

To go along side the fish and rice, I sauteed up some green veggies with tumeric, ginger, cinnamon, red pepper and garlic.

Let it sautee down until softened....

While the veggies are cooking and rice is almost done, I threw the swordfish steaks on the griddler.  God I love this appliance!  It took about 7 minutes to cook them fully.  The nice part is I didn't have to flip them!  

The marinade was great! Not overly salty or spicy.  Just a nice balance that still let the flavor of the fish come through.  For $7, I was happy with this selection from the frozen section of Whole Foods.

I layered my dish with a giant bed of baby spinach, then the hot rice (spinach wilted down to nothing!) then the veggies and fish to top it off.

This was a great dish that satisfied my cravings but was still very healthy (and green!  I really should have made this on St. Paddy's Day... SO GREEN!)

What do you think of the photos?  I have been playing around with the editing and trying some different techniques...  More detailed post on this to come.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Where Hash Rules Is Out!!!

Oh hey there... Guess what?!


Well kind of sorta.... My grandmother's recipe for Italian Lemon Cookies is one of many recipes included as an appendix to this great story about Charlie's Sandwich Shoppe here in Boston!  I am so excited to be a small part of such a unique project!  You can download the e-book which comes with links to the recipes at iTunes, Amazon or Barnes & Noble!

I highly suggest checking it out, testing out the recipes and getting to know more about a great piece of local history here in Boston!

Where Hash Rules

The Story of Charlie’s Sandwich Shoppe
Now available as an ebook at online book retailers
including Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and iTunes.
What the people are saying...
A tour de force.” -Chapman
"The best book ever about the greatest restaurant ever." - P. Manjourides (no relation)
“I couldn’t take my hands off of it!” -Christina Cantlin
“My eye has seen its glory.” -Merrill Diamond
Follow Charlie’s & Where Hash Rules on Twitter
@Turkey Hash / @WhereHashRules
Written by George Cuddy
Original Photography by Brooke T. Wolin

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Blog Better Boston Recap

There are not many things that would make this girl get out of a warm bed early on a cold Saturday morning to trek to Cambridge for the day.  

It seems though that spending the day with some of my favorite bloggers happens to be one of the few things that would tempt me out!

Oh the fun you can have with over 100 Boston Bloggers!

A plethora of Food, Fitness, Fashion, Mommy and Lifestyle bloggers met at Google's Boston office in Cambridge this past Saturday to network and learn how to be a better blogger!  It was amazing!!!

The day was filled with chatting, eating and learning ways to better market, write, promote, and snap photos for your blog.  I was so inspired by the end of the day!

It was wonderful to catch up with food bloggers I have met through Boston Brunchers and also meet a whole new world of fashion, lifestyle and fitness blogs.  Boston has such an impressive community of bloggers!  My google reader may hate me after today but I have so many new blogs to add!

In between sessions I sipped on Vita Coco Coconut water thanks to onsite sponsors.  I tried the pineapple flavor and was pleasantly surprised.   I thought for sure it would be super sweet.  I was wrong!

The panel sessions were phenomenal!  It was so nice to hear tips and assurances from other blogs that I am on the right track.

Lunch was sponsored by Au Bon Pain and Pretzel Crisps.  The black bean burger with avocado was my favorite of the day!  Well played Au Bon Pain, well played!

So many pretzels!  Which ones to choose? I guess a few of all then...

The two best sessions of the day for me personally where the Photo Editing and Food Photography Breakout sessions.  They really rocked!!!  

It was great to hear from professional photographers that with a few tricks of lighting or clicks of a mouse on the computer I can greatly enhance my photos!  I love this blog, but lets be honest.  I have a full time job and nobody is paying me for this.  So the idea of dropping several hundred dollars on a spiffy camera is out of the question (for now....).   

Instead, I played around with the help of Picassa with the photos that I took with my Blackberry Camera! (Yes, I know... I still have a BB but work pays for it so whatever...).   I think I did a good job for a crappy camera and no prior photo shop knowledge.  What do you think?

Before Editing

After editing!
Mini cupcakes makes everything better!



I had such a great time and can't even begin to go into everything we talked about.  I will be spending some time getting more into the photo world thanks to a lot of tips/links given to us.  I of course will share with you all soon!

The tricky part of the next few months is going to be balancing my new found inspiration for blogging with work, trying to have a social life and an online continuing education course for work...

Oh the fun!

Any tips on how to balance it all?

Monday, March 26, 2012

Week in Review

So last week was insanely busy!  I was in CT most of the week followed by a USCG dinner on Thursday, HUNGER GAMES on Friday, Blogger Conference on Saturday (post to follow) and Brunch with the rents' on Sunday at Barlow's (GO THERE!)

Needless to say that by mid afternoon Sunday I was exhausted!  I spent the rest of the day in front of the TV doing nothing!  It was glorious... simply glorious!!

I was in CT for the annual Conn Maritime Association's annual shipping conference (CMA's aka country music awards to this geek).  I haven't been in several years but was very happy I could make it this year.  The event is filled with vendors, technical sessions, networking events and customer dinners.

I love Peter Thomas Roth products! Huzzah for high end hotel swag!
I stayed at the Hilton Executive in Stamford which is a great hotel.  However, I will never understand why expensive hotels charge for breakfast & internet while the La Quinta in Saugus is offering free breakfast and WIFI!  Wake up hotels!  Charging $9.95 a day for an ethernet internet access is unacceptable in this day and age!!!

Upon arrival the first night I was lucky to attend a customer dinner hosted by our ship manager at the Norwalk Aquarium!  What a great idea to host a dinner AMONG the sea!

I was sooo that geeky environmental girl taking pics of all the sea life....

I was also that "special" girl who managed to take a shot of my feet while trying to walk, talk and hold my cocktail glass.... I am so smooth!

I felt a little (stress little) bad to be eating delicious crab cakes and tuna tartare while fishies swam around me...
My attempt at being "artsy" with photo shop
Buttttt.... sipping on glorious free glasses of Kendall-Jackson wine made it all better!

I failed royally at capturing my looks for the week.  I assure you I rocked suit coats, black dresses and even heels one day!  I thought I managed to pull off young and professional pretty well.  Classy but not stuffy...  Thank you H&M!

The week was filled with networking cocktail hours, long technical sessions, more coffee than I care to admit and a private dinner at Morton's hosted by a vendor (that was AWESOME!  I felt so fancy!!)

By Wednesday night I was super excited to have a long yoga session in my room thanks to my iPod touch and a yummy dinner thanks to room service!

Chilean Sea Bass over long grain wild rice with shrimp and a LARGE glass of Kendall-Jackson Wine!
My co-worker and I left CT Thursday and the dreary fog behind and returned to the North Shore to find sunny blue skies and 80* day!

Independence Park, Beverly MA

Lunch outside was a MUST!!!

March 22nd people!!!!!
I ended the week by embracing my inner-tween and joining half of Boston for the opening night of the Hunger Games!

It rocked!!  Go see it!!!
so many people!  deep breaths!!!
Check back tomorrow for a full recap on the Blog Better Boston Conference from this weekend!  I am so inspired to write better and actually edit my photos before posting....

Monday, March 19, 2012

Shamrocks, Bagpipes and Skylines

Starting way back in the day when I was still in college I started attending the South Boston St. Paddy's Day Parade.  Back then it was an excuse to party and blow off steam from school.  Fast forward many years later and it has transformed into a day where I catch up with old friends, eat way too much homemade food and play kids while they scream with excitement at the parade.

Don't get me wrong, I loved the days of partying but call me an old lady... I prefer much more these recent years of seeing the parade through the eyes of the kids and mocking the 20-somethings who are drunk and crying by 3pm....

The other benefit to the day is that I have an excuse to spend 6 hours walking though some of my favorite neighborhoods in Southie. As you can see from the pics, buses and cars are no use to you on this day!

We really lucked out with AMAZING weather!!!  I mean come on... 70* on March 18th?!?!  I will take it!!!

Enjoy the recap of photos below and the view from a classmates roof deck!  Pretty sure he has the best view in all of Boston!!!

MMA!  Still marching!

The day was so much fun but I will admit. By the time I walked home around 430 I was exhausted!  My tootsies were on fire and I was sleepy!  I ordered a pizza, packed and conked out early last night.

Off to CT today for a work conference, look forward to a week of awkward and awesome moments of my life with sailors in a hotel conference room!

P.S. Congratulations to Erica, Melissa and Kimmy for winning the Trufflehead App Giveaway!!!  Deborah will be in touch soon with a link to your download.