Tuesday, February 14, 2012

You Want What You Can't Have

So a few weeks back I realized that my wonderful adult acne seems to be directly linked to the amount of glorious dairy I consume.  Over the past 3 weeks I have GREATLY reduced the amount of dairy I eat daily and my acne is almost completely gone!

I know!  I am super excited about this.  Being 31 with acne is not really good for your self esteem.  There is one major side effect from this change in diet that I really did not expect....



I can only only assume that my subconscious & stomach have turned into a rebellious 13 year old who have decided that it wants the one thing it knows it shouldn't have.  

Anyone have any tips on curbing these cravings?  I have been eating lots of spicy and flavorful dishes to keep my tastebuds happy.. but there is just something about a perfect slice of hot crispy pizza with gooey salty cheese that just cannot be duplicated with non-dairy options....

I need to find some good recipe replacements because as much as I love cheese I am loving clear skin more!