Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Snow, Puppies & Crazy Hats

This past weekend I went back up to VT to visit some friends from college.  The only thing I was told to bring was a hat.... As you can imagine hi-jinks and tomfoolery naturally followed such an odd request.

It was a lovely weekend of window shopping, card games, puppy cuddling and rocking my favorite and most comfortable hat!

I really really love VT and would really love to move there if my job didn't keep me tide to the coast.

Enjoy a photo recap of our time in Stowe!

Lobster Salad Sandwich w/ homemade chips from The Whip at the Green Mountain Inn
 AMAZING sandwich!!!

Why yes, that would be a football squeeze bottle! It was my prize for my "hat" 
 Yup that is my work hardhat & safety goggles! 

So pretty!

Love this pup! He never stopped!!!
Now this is a look Steph!

Victor of the paddle/ball bounce competition celebrates!

I think I was going 4 miles an hour on this road! Did I mention 0 cell phone coverage here?

Oooh big mountain!!!

That DOES say 124 miles to home.... Where's the coffee & my Spotify?

My poor lil' car needs a bath after this road trip!