Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Day One Ramblings - Part 1

So I figured instead of posting 30 times today to tell you my thoughts I would keep a running tally of my thoughts/feelings during the day.  Enjoy the timeline of a girl who usually eats every 2-3 hours....

630am - Brew big cup of green tea.
Feeling groggy but not really hungry when I woke.  Going to enjoy my tea and then make the shake for my commute to work.

730am - Make 1st Shake
Not going to lie, I was frightened that the shake would taste awful or be super sweet.  I was pleasantly surprised at the dark chocolate flavor and smooth texture of the shake.  Went done quickly but was pretty filling.

845am - 2nd cup of Green Tea
Yeah, I know... But I usually drink 3-4 cups of coffee a day (no is my vice!)  Feeling good, not hungry but quietly worried about how I will deal without my constant snacking on fruit, nuts and veggies at my desk (I am a grazer)

9-1030am - Drinking LOTS of water
Thankfully work has a filtered water station so I am consuming 20oz of water every hour to hour and a half.  (with 1 packet of TruLime)

I am not hungry right now but have a small headache.  I am pretty sure it is more to do with the lack of caffeine and me being terrified of the detox headache (can you make a headache come on just from fear??)

1100am - Green Apple
Out of nowhere, a gaping echoing hunger screams from my stomach! I refilled my H2O bottle and snagged the apple I was saving for lunch.  Here's hoping the fiber in the apple calms the screaming match going on in my empty tummy.....

1110am - Crisis Averted!

I enjoyed that apple way too much!  Within ten minutes the screaming from my tummy has subsided and I can think clearly again.  (Starting to get nervous that just a shake for lunch might not be enough for this constant grazer!)

1200 - LUNCH (ie: 2nd Shake)
Second shake made immediately and I am drinking this shake with a straw.  Goal is to sip the shake a bit slower.  It tastes great, but as I said earlier. I am sooo nervous that I am going to be starving later.  3rd shake may end up happening at 4....

Fancy Lunch at my desk...