Thursday, February 9, 2012

Day One Part 2 & Day Two Part 1

Seems so strange to keep a daily log to post, but hope you are enjoying it!  Office life is soooo exciting!

(pretty sure our receptionist thinks I am wacked with the # of times I have visited the rest room today! This is A LOT of liquid to consume!!!)

1222 - Mid Lunch Break 
I am enjoying the shake and happy that it is actually filling me up.  Drinking it slowly seems to help prolong the feeling of actually having lunch.  Blogging and catching up on my google reader during my lunch hour helps too.  But reading all the yummy creations my fellow bloggers are cooking up is not!  Good lord you guys make some delicious treats!

I do think a 3rd cup of Double Green Matcha Tea might be the perfect "dessert".  That and my hands are freezing in my office!  Need something warm....

My replacement for no java! 
1300 (1pm) - Post Lunch
Hot tea is delicious and yes I am happy to report I am actually content right now after my shake!  Will be interesting to see how long that lasts, but my happy thought is that I can have another shake later this afternoon.  Then a GIANT salad with some leftover rotisserie chicken breakfast for dinner.

Amazing how a happy stomach can calm the fear of a cleanse so quickly.

I am not looking to lose weight on this cleanse (but won't be unhappy if I do), the bigger goal is to flush my intestines, kidneys and liver after months of indulging on cheese, beer and wine.  I talked earlier last week how dairy seems to be causing most of my acne issues.  My hope is that this cleanse will flush alot of those toxins out of my system so I can start clean.

meeting at 2pm.  Here's hoping H2O or a cup of hot decaf green tea will get me through it....

1520 (320pm) - Post Meeting
Meeting went well!  I kept my water bottle handy and I must admit I am not really hungry at all.  The dull headache is still there.  Again, I think that has more to do with caffeine and detoxing than lack of nutrients.  Going to wait till 4 for my next shake.  Should give me a good cushion between the shake and dinner.

1600 - Snack - 3rd Shake
Mixed and enjoyed at the office, perfect timing too as I was just starting to get ravenous again.

1800 - DINNER!!
Knowing that I can have unlimited veggies in my salad with a bit of chicken and dressing I went to making the greatest junk salad ever!  Salad was very filling and exactly what I was craving after a day of shakes.

LOTS Spinach
1 mini cucumber
4 cherry tomatoes
1/2 c pico de gallo
1 cup Trader Joe's chopped mixed veggies (carrots, peppers, cabbage, etc....)
4 oz of cold rotisserie chicken
2 Tbl of Annie's Goddess Dressing (vegan)

I ended the evening with decaf tea and hitting the sack early.  I am starting to think the headache I have is part of the detox and not caffeine related since I have had my fair share of Green Tea.

I ended up bailing on the blogger event that was scheduled.  The dull headache was no match for an upbeat bar... Next time!  Next I swear!!

It is now the morning of Day two.  I woke up a bit groggy as usual but felt great!  Weight is still the same (as expected).  I made my first shake around 7am and then stopped at Starbucks for a VENTI Green Tea.  It is delicious!!!  Much more flavor than the tea I have at work.

I am not hungry yet but we will see how the day goes since I will be in meetings almost all day.  Challenge for this evening is to get a salad on program while on my way to see a free screening of Reese Witherspoon's new movie.