Friday, February 10, 2012

Day 3 and my final thoughts on cleansing

Yesterday I felt like Ron Burgundy!  I was in a glass case of emotion fueled by the overwhelming urge to jump off the cleanse head first one moment while a second later feeling great about doing the cleanse!  Remember yesterday when I posted about how great I was feeling?! Yeah, about 20 minutes later I started to crash hard!

I caved around 140pm and ate several handfuls of raw cashews. At that moment I was so hungry all I could think about was food... The cashews brought me back to reality!  It was such a huge spike of energy that pulled me through the rest of the work day.  My commute home was when the inner argument really went to a dark place.

On my commute home I pass by many many delicious sandwich, pizza shops and markets that would have easily calmed the crazy lady in my head screaming for cheese and bread.  The logical half of my brain was a bit terrified at the intense cravings I was having.  I don't think I have ever craved any type of food that bad in my entire life!

Over the 30 minutes I managed to reason out that I would go home and break the cleanse by making a pasta dish.  However, once home I just decided that I had all the ingredients for the giant junk salad and that I did enjoy it the night before so why not give it another shot.  Honestly, it was not what I wanted but somewhere in the midst of my cleansed psychotic break I knew that a handful of cashews was not really going to derail the cleanse totally.   I prepared the massive salad and sat down to watch Top Chef. ( i know i know, who watches a cooking show on a cleanse....)

Surprisingly the salad did the trick!  The mix of flavors from the spicy pico de gallo mixed with the crunch of raw veggies and the much needed protein kick of the chicken did the trick.   I was full and satisfied!

There was a final moment of weakness a few hours later when the roommate returned from the gym and reheated crab rangoons that I did not know where in the fridge.  For a split second I thought about tackling her for the cheesy crunchy golden morsel but I like my living situation so I did not....

As you can see from this post, getting the majority of your nutrients from a shake when you typically plan your day around shopping, prepping, cooking and eating food may not be the best option!  I am happy I am doing the cleanse and woke up today 2.5 lbs lighter.

Overall I think it is a great way to restart your system without having to totally give up food for 3-7 days (i am pretty sure I would have to be committed if I tried that!).  The shakes are very tasty (almost like brownie batter) and not chalky at all.  I hate chalky shakes...

The two things I am happiest about after doing this is 1- knowing that I can do it and 2- seeing that I can give up coffee if need be.  I think the caffeine addiction was the hardest part to deal with that is not really addressed anywhere online.  It is good to know that I can cut back (and should) on how much coffee I consume daily.

The plan for the rest of the day is to follow the cleanse out until dinner.  I am heading to my parents tonight and there is no way I am not going to enjoy a big Q family meal with a glass of vino!

So there you have it, the insane ramblings of a foodie who decided to drink her meals instead of cook them for 3 days.  Anyone else ever try something like this or thinking about it?