Wednesday, January 11, 2012

"True" Love

Have you ever been on a plane and asked for club soda and lime only to be handed a club soda and what appears to be a sugar packet?  Yeah me too...


That little packet is not filled with sugar but with crystallized lime juice!  True Citrus is a company that makes girls on the run like me very very very happy!  They make tiny packets chuck full of vitamin C and intense lime flavor to add to your water or cocktail of choice!

For the longest time I thought the airlines had cornered the market on these little packets because I NEVER saw them in the stores.  And then one day I was mindlessly perusing the food section of my local Christmas Tree Shop and I noticed this:

I was over the moon with joy and felt like I had found a Van Gough at a flea market.  I quickly threw several containers in my cart and made haste out of the store!

Why the madness you ask?

See I don't drink soda at all.  Lets just say that all the bubbles and sugar make for one upset tummy for this foodie.  I LOVE Club Soda and Carbonated Water but all the bubbles make me burp.  (Yeah, I have a sensitive tummy... Don't get me started on the love/hate relationship I have going with fried food!)

So all that comes down to me drinking A LOT of water throughout the day.  In the summer I don't think twice about it, but honestly after a while, drinking that much water can get boring for your taste buds...

This product line is a godsend for a girl like me!  Oh and did I mention they have a whole line of flavors?!?!  YUP!  Lime, Lemon, Orange and Grapefruit!!

You can substitute these packets for actual citrus juice in recipes or add to cocktails.  You can find more information on these little packets of sunshine here or follow them on twitter.

What is your go to beverage during the day?