Tuesday, January 10, 2012

P90X Update And a Love Affair with Hot Yoga

Yup a love affair!  I discovered hot yoga back in 2010 and for a reason I can only explain as laziness I let my practice of Hot Yoga really slack in 2011.  When I started up P90X last month there was a Yoga DVD that was very similar to the Vinyasa style I was used to practicing.  The DVD re-kindled my love for the practice.

When I do yoga not only do I feel like I have pushed myself physically but I also feel like I have just finished a mini therapy session.  There is something really special about having to let yourself go and concentrate on your breath for 90 minutes.  You are not there to compare yourself to the person next to you on the mat (or on the TV screen) but to push yourself and become more alert to your own body.

The first time I have took a yoga class I spent the entire time looking and comparing myself to everyone around me.  I was so concerned with how I was doing against everyone else that I never really understood the mental aspect of practicing yoga.   Anyone can go through the moves of a yoga class but really letting yourself go and focusing on your breath and how you are connecting to the poses is the real exertion of yoga!

I started mixing in Studio Hot Yoga classes into my routine with my P90X DVDs.  Now I know I said I was going to complete the P90X series as they sent it but I have come up with a new routine that I think will actually work for this girl long term.  First let me tell you about my opinion of P90X so far....

I LOVE IT!  Each DVD is based on solid work outs that kick your butt and gets your heart rate going.  I honestly cannot say a bad thing about any of these DVDs.  They motivate you, push you and get your heart racing!  What I have learned though is that my lifestyle is not one that is suited for 6 days a week of working out.

I had come to the realization that I want to be in shape but I am not trying to win a fitness competition.  I want a beach body come June but I also like to sleep, socialize and I really really like yoga classes in a studio.

Sooo what does this all mean to the girl who has had ADD Fitness over the past year?!  It means that I have FINALLY found a workout routine that I truly enjoy and WANT to do!  I like running but would rather head to the pub for a pint with co-workers than go to the gym. I love my P90X dvds but I don't want to feel guilty about not working out 6 days a week.

However, when it comes to Hot Yoga I will rain check the pub.  In 90 minutes I have melted away the stress of the day (literally), stretched my body to its fullest and reset my brain by meditating at the end of the class.  My plan is to hit up 2-3 yoga classes a week (or sub with the P90X Yoga Dvd) and mix in the other DVDs thoughout the week with no set times.  If I feel the desire to pop in a dvd I will.  Along with all of this I will be continuing with my AWBC training walks on the weekend.  These will start at 9 miles and get up to around 15 miles or more before the walk in May.

I feel really great about this and finally don't feel overwhelmed, guilty or frightened about my workout goals set ahead of me.  I want to practice Yoga for life, so I am thinking of this as my first step towards a lifelong journey with Yoga. Not just a fad or trend.

It is funny, at first I was bit apprehensive to write this thinking that some would think I was giving up on the P90X challenge but the more I think about it the more I am ok with it.  I have finally found a work out that I crave and I don't feel bad putting another workout style in the 2nd string for a style that works for me.

What about you guys?  What style of exercise do you love or are you still searching?