Friday, January 6, 2012

Beer + Girls + Boston = AMAZING!

I have written over and over again about how great the blogger community is in Boston.   What I may have forgotten to tell you all is that Boston is also an amazing city for women who love Beer and Wine.  I am not talking about just all the great pubs, restaurants and micro-brews in the city (which ARE AMAZING though!!!)  I am talking about the groups that have formed in the city to support women who love to go out and taste what the city has to offer! 

MA Girls Pint Out and Be Thirsty Girl are two local chapters here in Boston.  They both focus on educating women on wine, beer and also on the social aspect of meeting other great ladies in the city!  Girls Pint Out is always around town at different tastings and hosting events focused on local fresh beer!  Be Thirsty Girl connects women who are passionate about wine, food. travel and fun!  I know... who wouldn't want to get involved in these two groups!

Right before the Holiday rush I was thankful to be one of the many ladies invited to the Harpoon Brewery for a girls only tasting and tour.

What could be better than meeting a great group of ladies of a few pints at one of Boston's best breweries right before the holidays?  Not much, I say... not much!

We were greeted with beer, burritos and a chance to review some new google systems!
mmmm burritos!!!!
The evening was great!  With almost 100 ladies in attendance we listened to the female brewers tell us all about Harpoon, how beer goes from Hops to Pubs and an overview of each brew type on tap!  It was amazing to not only see so many woman interested in local beer but also that there are smart awesome ladies behind the scenes brewing it!!!

Keg caps doubling as ornaments?  GENIUS!

After the brief talk, we were welcomed to continue tasting and chatting with the employees of Harpoon, take a mini tour and get to know everyone in attendance!

Google Places was also on site to provide some swag and get the word out about their site.  We all had the chance to review the brewery and enter for some great raffle prizes.  (I didn't win but still had a great time!)

Holy Beer Meca!  I could almost hear the angels singing!!!
This was my first event with Girls Pint Out but most definitely not my last!!!  What an rocking group of ladies!  I highly suggest if you are new to the city or just looking to meet some kick ass ladies that you come to the next event!

Also, coming up in a few weeks is the Boston Wine Expo 2012.  Thirsty Girl will be in attendance and you should make it a point to stop by and meet the ladies of Thirsty Girl!  I will be there, and there will be also a ton of wine and food to try out throughout the entire expo... What else are you doing in January?!  That is what I thought!  Go get your ticket and join me!! OK?  Good!

I believe there is also going to be a tweet up that Friday evening as well, I will keep you all posted on the details as it gets closer... but for now just go get your ticket and follow these awesome groups on Facebook and Twitter!

So now the important question...  What beer or wine are you planning on enjoying come 5pm today to kick off your weekend?  I will be enjoying a Harpoon Chocolate Stout after a sweaty hot yoga class at East Side Yoga in Southie!

Have a great weekend everyone!!!