Monday, January 16, 2012

Awkward & Awesome!

I read a ton of food blogs but I also have found a new love for life/fashion blogs.  I mean really people when you're not shopping for 6 months you NEED inspiration!!  One of my favorites in this category is The Daybook written by Sydney.  It is a great mix of fashion, life and adorable shots of her new son! You should go check it out!

On her blog recently, she posted a topic "Awkward and Awesome".  As soon as I read it I knew I had to come over to my blog and do my own version since I am constantly finding myself in awkward moments in life!  Enjoy!!!


  • I managed to get stuck in a bathroom stall for 3 minutes this weekend. Stupid latch!!!
  • That moment today I got caught staring at the hot guy in the produce section...
  • Realizing there is frozen snot on your face after walking to the subway at 8am in 6 degree weather!
  • Learning that your interns were 4 years old when Mallrats came out in the theaters!! 
  • Driving to a Bridal Shower with 2 dozen helium ballons in your car!  Hello Clown Car!


  • Seeing how happy Kate & Paul are this weekend!  What a great bridal shower!  Cannot wait till this wedding!
  • Have a brunch date with your parents on the weekend! 
  • Getting tickets to the Boston Wine Expo for $35 off thanks to Rue La La
  • Being asked to write a guest blog post for Thirsty Girl (check back Thursday)
  • Going to a Bruin's game with your alumni association and seeing Ray Borque on the way up to your suite!  (Can you say BALLER!!!????!!!!)