Thursday, December 8, 2011

A year of CSA!

This time last year I made a deal with myself to spend the extra $$ and get the majority of my produce from a local CSA.  I am so happy I did!

A year later I have become a weekly regular at the Green Meadows Farm in South Hamilton, MA.  It is about a 10 minute drive from my office and offers vegetable, fruit and meat shares throughout the whole year!  You can also pop in for all of the above mentioned items and a small selection of local cheeses and grocery items as well.


I can honestly say that my Friday lunch excursions to the farm are by far my favorite hour of the week!  Not knowing what I am going to receive is always a thrill (like a mini Iron Chef Competition every week!)  Also, I love escaping to the farm. I live close to downtown Boston and spend most of my days either in a car or in an office. Coming here is a perfect get-a-way from the hustle and bustle of every day life.

The farm does soups in the spring and fall and fresh sandwiches most of the year.  After I grab my veggies I grab some lunch to enjoy on the farm.  When the weather is cold or poor we eat in the green house (pictured below).  When it is warm we venture outside to sit at the tables by the farm.

Most weeks we end up sitting with the farm crew.  It really is a magical place that truly makes me appreciate the hard work that goes into the food we eat and how that hard work directly contributes to the flavor.

Most of the farm haul is either put into green smoothies, salads, roasted to perfection or added to a stew.  One of my favorites is the acorn squash!  I could eat these beauties daily!!!
I highly suggest making the road trip to this farm or your local farm!  You might pay a bit more but the relationships you form with your local farms is so amazing!  You will try veggies you have never heard about, taste what veggies SHOULD taste like and if you are lucky try some farm fresh eggs!  Seriously, you will never go back to supermarket eggs after that!

The farm is going into their slow season, so I will most likely be supplementing my shopping at Whole Foods or the Somerville Winters Farmers Market  I will still be stopping by the farm though!  This city girl will need her farm fix!!!

Do you do a farm or meat share?  Any suggestions on where I should be sourcing local veggies this winter?

Off to a ship today!! Pictures to follow soon!