Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Wine Dinner at Local 149

What do you get when you mix amazing wine, a talented chef, great people and cozy restaurant on a Monday evening?  You get Local 149's "Local Uncorked" Wine Dinner this past Monday evening.

Thanks to a last minute invite from Boston Food Blogs, myself and 3 other fabulous food bloggers were welcomed to enjoy this dinner by Local 149.  I must say from the moment I walked in until we left I felt welcomed and taken care of!  The food, wine and atmosphere was AMAZING and I will definitely be making this one of my local haunts.
Complimentary chalk to decorate your table?  Yes please!

The last time I had been to this location, it was the old Farragut House.  We tended to end up there late night for drinks and never ate dinner.  I think Local 149 has done a great job of elevating the food scene in this neighborhood while still respecting their neighbors by creating a warm and welcoming environment.

The dinner started with a casual "cocktail hour" setting which guests were encouraged to mingle, sip Grahm Beck Demi-Sec punch and nibble on yummy cheeses, meats and pickled veggies.  For this shy blogger it was the perfect chance to meet the other bloggers and staff of the restaurant.

Cheese and fresh pickles...  NOM NOMM NOMMM

Our second course was a delicious beat salad with blue cheese and caramel popcorn!  I think all of us at the table were a bit apprehensive when we saw this on the menu but after the first bite we were all in love! (The chef managed to get 2 of the ladies to eat blue cheese and beets, items that they previously avoided!!)

The wine was a full bodied white that was not too sweet and paired well with the bold flavors of the cheese.  I am not normally a fan of white wines but this Blanc might have changed my mind!

I am in love with these glasses (and the wine!)
The next course was over the top when it comes to tasty comfort food goodness!  A codfish cake with a porter cheddar cheese along with more fresh pickles and homemade sweet potato chips.

The sandwich was very rich from the cheese and I was amazed at how well our next wine paired with it.  The Lucien Crochet Sancerre (which I thought was going to be red) was a bold white that had a nice tartness that cut through the richness of the cheese.   Again, I was so impressed that I was 2 for 2 with white wines!

Love the decor here!

Bar manager and Ruby Wines Rep going over the dinner with all the guests (aprox 45 people!)

Our next course was the main attraction!  When I first saw the menu and read "Braised Short Ribs" I knew I wanted to go to there!  We found out when we arrived after talking with the chef that she actually basted the ribs every 10 minutes in Glug (a Swedish mulled wine).  I am so doing this people! The spiciness from the glug infused the meat with SOOO much flavor.  The meat practically melted in my mouth.

Also, can we take a moment and talk about these Pomme Puree?!?!?!  Creamy, rich and yet still somehow light!  The buttery flavor was the perfect pairing for the bold flavors of the meat.
I found true love in a glass!
Oh and the wine!  This wine was sooo amazing!  One sip and it changed the complete taste of the meal!  It brought out the spices in the meat and was truly delicious!  Myself and Kelly decided that we wanted to exchange our Port wine (last course) for another glass of this piece of heavenly beverage but alas there was no exchanges....

Yeah, I think I liked it.....
The last course was a chocolate goat cheese cake/tart.  It was delicious but the port was definitely the winner of the 2 items in this last course.  It was a very deep bold red port that was perfect to round out this dinner.
fun with chalk
Thanks again to the staff of Local 149 and Boston Food Bloggers for such a great night!  I met 3 great ladies, (Kathy, Emily & Kelley) enjoyed an amazing meal and found a new local spot to frequent!

The next few weeks are going to be busy but fantastic for this Boston Blogger!  I have 2 Boston Bruncher Events, 1 Fancy Fest with Friends, 1 Boston Blogger Holiday Party, a work Xmas Party, many friends Xmas parties and a holiday blogger lunch at the Common Ground.  Somewhere in the middle of all this I will have to finish shopping, and get to baking holiday cookies!

Oh yeah and blog about all of it!  The holidays are here people! Stay tuned for all the shenanigans and tom foolery!!!

Local 149 is a neighborhood joint 
in the Citypoint section of South Boston.

149 P Street (between 6th Street & Columbia Road)  •  South Boston, MA 02127  •  617-269-0900
Dinner seven days, 4pm - 12am  •  Bar open until 1am  •  Saturday & Sunday brunch 11am - 4pm
Comments?  Questions?  Email our managers at info@local149.com.