Monday, December 26, 2011

Uncommon Delights at the Common Ground

The month of December was quite an exciting month for this blogger.  I was invited to more than my share of blogger events, brunches and tastings!  I know... who knew that somebody besides my mother read this blog!  WooHoo!!

One of the most unexpected and delicious events I went to was a quaint blogger lunch at the Common Ground in Allston.  When I received this invitation a few weeks before hand honestly I was a bit unsure.  The last time I had been to the Common Ground was right after college in the early 2000s and lets just say I didn't go for the food :)

The invite was for a Thursday during the day but thankfully I had already taken a vacation day to pamper myself with a fantastic lady day before the craziness of the holidays began. (FYI, you should make haste to Marc Harris Salon in the Financial District and Adara Spa on Lewis Wharf! They are amazing!!!)

So on a cloudy but unusually warm December day I made my way down the Green Line B train to Allston.  It was really nice to get reacquainted with Allston.  Admittedly living in Dorchester, I tend to stay close to home because of ease and plethora of great establishments. 

I am so glad I ventured out of Dot!  I was able to meet some new to me bloggers and also get to know the new faces of the Common Ground!  After a delightful meet and greet we were invited to help ourselves to the most amazing buffet! A selection of sandwiches, clam chowder, macaroni and cheese and deviled eggs along with a tasty beet salad.

The Cuban sandwich and macaroni and cheese stole my heart!  The perfect blend of salty and savory flavors without being too heavy.  The chowder was also great!  You could taste the salt pork and fresh seafood but it was not overly thick.  A perfect mix of soup/stew that you want in your chowder.

Who doesn't love the crusty topping on a good Mac ' Cheese!?!?

Before we started inhaling our tasty dishes Bob introduced Chef Jaime Suarez who helped create and inspire the menu (especially the Cuban Sandwich).  It was great to put a face to the genius behind the dishes.

You could tell from listening to Bob speak, the passion the whole staff at the Common Ground has for making their restaurant a neighborhood establishment that people want to come back to day after day.  I know Allston is too far to ever make this my go-to spot.  However, I will be back again and again if only for the deviled egg you see below here.....

The winning item on my list that day has to be the deviled egg!  Bob proudly expressed how the chef makes his own bacon for the restaurant.  I can attest from the several amazing morsels I devoured on top of those deviled eggs that he should be making a banner and taking out adds to advertise about this bacon!  It was knee shakingly good!  I would come back to the Common Ground in a heart beat just for the bacon!!

I actually praised the bacon so much that Bob began telling us about the Turkey Bacon they also make and how good it is.  Of course, we all nodded politely but our faces must have gave us away. I mean what foodie really is going to think that Turkey Bacon can be good right?  Well I was proven wrong!  They brought us out samples and by god my friends it was salty and delicious!  Exactly what you want when you are craving bacon!  I don't want to know how they do it, but I am pretty sure it involves Unicorn Dust or somebody selling their soul to the devil..  Yeah, it was that good!

I cannot wait to go back to the Common Ground!  It was an unexpected hidden jewel to find in a city that I thought I knew so well.

Common Ground provided lunch and a $25 gift card to all attendees but my opinions are 100% my own.