Friday, December 16, 2011

The Paint Bar

I will be the first to admit that when my good friend Steph said that we would be celebrating our friends Kate's Bday at the Paint Bar I was totally apprehensive!  I mean, come on... I can barely make a stick figure never mind paint an entire picture with a plethora of paints! 

However, knowing the fabulous ladies that would be in attendance and that it was Kate's bday I was convinced we would have a great time!  Little did I realize how much fun we would have on a Sunday night!

Right off of the Pike in Newtonville
Our group arrived early to enjoy some appetizers we brought and a few glasses of vino provided by the Paint Bar. We were also able to chat with Co-Owner Jill about the Paint Bar. She was great!  Jill definitely made us feel welcomed and confident about being able to create a painting by the end of the class! (I still thought she had met her match with me!!)

The painting that we would be recreating!

You can see the fear in my eyes!!!!
Only 4 brushes?  Honestly, where are the rest?!?!?!

Our fabulous teacher Jackie!

Happy Birthday Kate!!!

What mix the white AND the blue on one brush?!  What if I mess it up?!?!?!

Yes I know it is upside down!  The teacher told us too!!!

Did I mention it was couples night??! Yeah, but no fear, all the single ladies just rocked the left side of the painting...
Look Mom, I made mountains and happy little trees...

You want me to put a black line thru my happy little trees?!?!?!?!
I am pretty sure it was at this point when she told us to paint a big black line thru our paintings that my type A brain blacked out!  I had made it thru mixing blue and white on one brush but this was sheer insanity!!!
But alas, as you can see this foodie actually managed to produce a 6th grade version of the original painting! My mom better make room on her fridge for this masterpiece!!!!
Note the beer, it was prescribed by the peeps at the paint bar whenever our type A personality started acting up...

As you can see some of the ladies in our group are WAY more talented than me...

Thanks to Steph for planning this night and the ladies of the Paint Bar!  We are already planning to go back around St. Paddy's day.  Want to join us?  The more the merrier!