Thursday, December 1, 2011

Faux Pho

My normal post work routine usually consists of a road rage filled ride home through 93 South Tunnel which ensues a hunger that cannot be described... Something about sitting in a car knowing you are 3 miles from your cozy apartment but still 30 minutes away due to traffic makes me a ravenous beast!

The result of this awful 3 mile traffic doom is a girl running up 3 flights of stairs to put together a dinner ready in under 15 minutes.  I know, I know... you all think I spend an hour prepping glorious dinners every night.  However, the harsh reality is that most nights my dinners consist of egg sandwiches, kitchen sink salads and miso soups. (I know your jealous of my life).

Last night I was especially ravenous when I ran walked through the door. ( I am blaming the P90X for the increased appetite).  I had been craving Pho Soup but knew I would never make the 40 minutes for it to be delivered!
Real Pho
So in true Sailing Foodie fashion I went to the fridge/pantry and decided to make a Faux Pho with what I had on hand. I found rice noodles, leftover BBQ pulled pork, kale, chicken broth, sliced red onion, oyster sauce and sriarcha sauce.
Found at whole foods, ready in under 2 minutes!

pre-washed kale rocks my world!

I quickly softened the red onion, added the BBQ pork to heat.

Added the broth/oyster sauce to heat.  Once hot, I added a bunch of chopped kale and a minute later the rice noodles and sriarcha sauce.  Within 10 minutes I had a steaming bowl of hot and spicy soup!!!

Now I fully admit that this was nowhere near as good as the real Pho soup.  I am pretty sure the broth and Thai Basil with bean sprouts is what makes it so good!  BUT this was a great alternative that calmed the evil beast that lives in my brain when I am hungry!!

One of my favorite things about these 10 minute soups is that the possibilities are endless!  You can add almost any veggie, protein (chicken, tofu, beef) and change up the spices and broths to suit your cravings.

Have fun with it and calm your inner food demon by having dinner ready before you can even place an order online!