Thursday, December 15, 2011

A blogger filled weekend - Part 3

Ok, Ok, so we are finally getting to the last part of my weekend...  (still need to tell you about my adventure with Harpoon & MA Girls Pint Out from Tuesday too...)

Anywho, where were we?  Right... Sunday which was another glorious NE early winter day.  It was in the high 40s, sunny and crisp!  My next brunch was just down the road from the apartment on the edge of the South End and Dorchester on Albany St at the Harvard Common Press.  Upon arrival I was greeted by the amazing staff BruceAdam and Nancy who where gracious enough to give us a tour of their offices.
The mix of Mexican art, stacks and stacks of books and natural lighting was gorgeous throughout the office. It was wonderful to meander through the offices learning about HCP and also meeting other bloggers.

After a few cocktails and chatting with everyone we were invited to sample a delicious spread of muffins, coffee cakes and strata all taken from various HCP cookbooks.

Once seated in the adjacent gallery, the group was treated to a few short talks by the HCP.  We learned how HCP looks for new cookbook writers and also tips on going from blog to book.  Did you know that most cookbook writers are asked to come up with 100-150 NEW recipes not previously used on your blog!!??

Can you imagine 150 Sailing Foodie Recipes?!  I wonder how many could be variations on Soup, Mac n' Cheese and Kitchen Sink Greek Salad?

After the presentations bloggers were given the choice to pick a few cookbooks to take home from the gorgeous centerpieces!!!  Umm, free cookbooks?!?!  Yes please!!!

This one is centered around UK GastroPubs! Expect many posts to come based on this book!

40 + Happy Bloggers!

I cannot thank the staff of HCP and Boston Brunchers enough for this event!  It was so inspiring to meet other bloggers and also see the path that blogging can take you. Even just the thought of someday focusing this blog into a cook/travel book is exciting to me!!

Thanks again!