Wednesday, November 2, 2011

What to wear in the Ukraine Part 2


Day 2 is here and lets just say that this American girl kicked some serious toukas last night in bowling against co-workers!  (Yes I said bowling!!!)  Who would have thunk all those rainy Saturday's playing with my family or the countless birthday parties at bowling alley's would actually pay off in the work world!

After the dinner last night we all went to the onsite alley to play a few strings and lets just say that sailors are a bit competitive!  I am very sleepy now as I prep for my presentation this morning!!

I managed to "recycle" pieces yesterday to go from business attire to casual for bowling night.  I kept my green cardigan, add a white t-shirt and my express skinny jeans along with my TOMS (which make great bowling shoes by the way!)

Today I am going a bit purple crazy...  My shift dress (another Target find) is a maroonish/purplish color and I paired that with my purple cardigan from Sunday.  Add brown striped tights and my boots with a bit of sparkly jewelry and I am good to go for another day of presentations!

Breakfast is another day of oatmeal, banana and tea.  I will spare you the boring picture of my oats in a cup...

I will share with you all the crazy shower EVER!  Every year this space pod always amazes me!  Look at all those jets!  Now if only I could figure out how it works...
Tonight is the big celebration dinner for the crew and their spouses/significant others.  It is a great night where we all get a little dolled up, dance and drink lots of vodka be merry!  Thankfully I am able to sip my vodka shots and nobody is the wiser!

Have a great day!