Tuesday, November 1, 2011

What to wear in the Ukraine Part 1

Good morning from Odessa!  It is my first full day here and already its off to a great start!  Yesterday after a LOONNNNNG day of traveling we took in some sights of downtown and had a great dinner at a Steak House "Regione Toscana"  I know, I know... Italian food in the Ukraine, but I promise I will get my fill of local cuisine this week!

My travel outfit worked wonderfully and I think it is safe to say that TOMS are my new go-to traveling shoe of choice!  Airport security friendly (read slip on/slip off) and felt like slippers during my 7 hour flight over the pond!

To start off day 1 I had some lovely English Breakfast Tea, Oatmeal and a banana.  The fruit and tea was part of a wonderful welcome basket of goodies in my room when I arrived yesterday!

What foodie wouldn't be excited to find a fridge stocked with fruit, H2O, tea and chocolate bars! Thank you V.Ships!!

(The resort does offer breakfast and I am sure I will make my way there this week, but this foodie is not always up for a full breakfast of sausage and eggs during the week.  I prefer oatmeal or a turkey sandwich before a big day and save the eggs/bacon for lazy weekends)

Thanks to the hot pot in the room, I was able to heat water for my oatmeal and tea.  No bowl? No problem, use a glass and just in case there are not spoons in the room I usually keep a few in my travel pouch along with the tea/via packets.  Nothing worse than realizing you have all the fixins to eat breakfast but no silverware! Ever eat oatmeal with a coffee stirrer? Not pretty people, not pretty at all!

Ok so back to a week of fashion in the Ukraine :)  For day one of the conference I am going for professional but comfortable!  I picked one of my favoritetarget finds of all time, a simple navy blue linen dress with an empire draw string belt (perfect for summer to fall transition outfits) I paired that with a New York and Company kelly green cardigan, white knit tights and my tan boots.  Simple, classy and perfect for the temps of a large meeting center and the walks to and fro....
Sorry for the crappy pic, not sure I will ever figure out how to take a self photo.  How do you fashion bloggers do it every darn day?!

Alright friends, I am off to kick off this conference!  Today I get to take notes and tweak my presentation for tomorrow...  I will be sooooo excited when this is presentation is complete