Thursday, November 10, 2011

Shopping Freeze Update

Remember last month when I clearly blacked out and decided that I was not going to shop for 6 months?!  I know what the gif was I thinking!!! Who decides that they are not going to shop during the holiday's for themselves...  REALLY?!?

This is how I felt when I realized what I had done!!!

Well, it has been a few weeks and I wanted to give you all an update on how I am coping with the onslaught of holiday adverts and deals on GORGEOUS dresses filling my inbox daily...

Except for a few Halloween costume items and a flannel shirt for a Flannel Party I have succeeded in not shopping.
Respect the Flannel people!

I won't lie it has been HARD!  The lure of a new sweater at Target or an email from Banana tempting me with sales of 40% off has been hard to push aside.  There have been some good things that have come out of this though and I thought I would share with you all the good and the bad of a shopping freeze.


  • Cleaning out my closet

  • Finding old treasures!
Whether it was that old handbag that I used to covet but somehow had pushed to the back of the closet or rediscovering that with the right pair of leggings that too-short dress can now be the perfect fall tunic!
  • Creating new looks for myself
Using Pinterst  & Polyvore for inspiration has been a huge help!  I tend to see clothing for only one style/use.  Perusing the interwebs for inspiration has helped me rework items that might be out of season into current looks.  Just look at the amazing collections I have found as inspiration below! SOOO Pretty!!!!

  • $$$$
By not indulging in the impulse purchase I have seen my bank account go up slightly!  Not a huge amount, but as one friend put it best.  I can use the $$ I am saving from clothes shopping and spend it on food!  I guess this foodie can pass one minor obsession on to another greater obsession!  Let the holiday cooking begin!!


  • No new holiday treats for my closet
Honestly.. I can rework as many looks as I want but it is still not the same as taking home that new dress or perfect pair of boots!  This is tough, much tougher than I thought it would be, but it is good for the soul!  I need to simplify and this is the perfect way to start!
  • Fighting the urge to lie to you all and just buy this dress or this top
That is right people.. I actually thought about lying to you all!  I am sorry!!!  ModCloth and GAP were having huge sales and I was REALLY REALLY tempted!!  I fought the urge though...  so I guess I cannot lie to you..
  • Creating new looks for events/holiday parties
This might be the hardest part!  Come the holiday's I usually have my fair share of galas and fancy shmancy nights out.  It would be soo much easier to just run out and grab a new dress.  This challenge is forcing me to rummage through my closet and rework my current cocktail dress collection.  I am doing this through changing up the belts, jewelry and shoes.  Not my preferred option but so far it is working out just fine.

Like I said in my original post I have more than enough clothes for one city girl.  That being said, I love the hunt for a sale and getting that perfect deal.  This might be the hardest part of the entire challenge.  I really think I shopped for the hunt of the bargain rather than the actual clothing itself...

Anyone else crazy enough to try this out or another personal challenge for the holiday season?