Monday, November 28, 2011

Scenes from Vermont

Here is a snap shot of a great mini getaway with my family & a few friends for Thanksgiving up in Brownsville, Vermont this past weekend.


View from our room

Grama and niece with their new BFF, Baby Jack

Papa and niece snuggling watching football

Homemade Morrocan Spiced Dates w/ Goat Cheese n' Bacon!

Baby Jack using my sister's arm as an appetizer!

Play time!

Food Heaven!

Soooo much food!

Niece n' Nephew made us all place cards!

local VT eggnog!  To DIE FOR!!!

more playtime!

A visit to Simon Pierce and Harpoon Brewery on Friday!

Then over to Quechee Gorge Village from some touristy adventures

From Quechee we were over to Woodstock to meander thru the quaint shops and beautiful scenery...

Somebody was all bundled up for his first tour of Woodstock!!
The cutest snuggle bug EVER!

Pumpkin Latte to warm my belly

GORGEOUS sunset!
 Back at the condo I had a glass of wine in one hand and this sleeping chunka in the other.  I was a very happy auntie!!

Dinner was a much needed salad beast with turkey and cold stuffing!
The week flew by but we had such a great time with family and friends! Also we could not have asked for better weather!!!

Now it is back to BIG kale and veggie salads, P90X in the a.m. and lots n lots of H2O!  We had our fare share of beer and wine up in VT!  This foodie is in Thanksgiving Detox (at least till I start making Xmas Cookies!!)