Monday, November 7, 2011

Make Haste to Wegmans!!!

I have always said that I really enjoy grocery shopping.  It is a time for me to roam the isles looking for inspiration and market staples.  I usually split my weekly shopping between Hannafords and Trader Joes because of their proximity to my daily commute.  Add in the occasional trip to Whole Foods and my weekly farm share and my shopping is complete.

This entire routine may be in jeopardy after a mind-altering shopping experience on Sunday!

There has been so much buzz about the New York based Supermarket Chain Wegmans finally coming to Massachusetts.  I have been to 1 once up in New York years ago and my family can attest to the fact that I have preached about it prophetically ever since!

When I heard they were opening a store only 20 minutes from my parents house I nearly jumped out of my seat!  My excitement only grew when my family was able to make several visits there before I could due to travel on my part...

But Sunday I took no prisoners and got my toukas out there right after a family baby shower!  I thought it would be busy but figured I could get in and out in under an hour....

Two hours later I walked out of there in a foodie haze of euphoric bliss! I must have done 3 laps just taking it all in...  All I can say is WOW!!!  Below are some of the pics I took as I roamed the aisles gasping and giggling as I discovered different areas.....


A perfect fall day to head West on the Pike!

Hello Lake Quinsigamond! (I grew up on this lake)

This is how far I had to park from the store!  Lets just say that waiting 3 weeks to visit didn't really thin the crowds out too much!

Ummm yeah.. that is snow left over from last weeks storm! 

So much to take in!  Look at the size of this place!
Your first look when you walk in...


Lots of unique fruits I have never heard of....

Every washed and prepared veggie you could ever think of!

Cheese and Caviar!  I DIE!

Make your own nut butter bar!
I believe it was at this point where I started to black out from foodie sensory overload but then this happened.....

CANDY!  On both isles!  I foresee lots of crying kids being pulled from here

Bulk nuts and trail mix... I will be back for you!


Look at how cheap these are!


English Candy!!!!

Non-dairy Cashew Creamer!

The biggest store bakery EVER!

High end butter and triple creme brie! nom nomm nommm

oh the sushi!  it spoke to me!

mini pizza thingys... looked so good!

This beast is a LOBSTER covered giant pretzel!
Who are the mad geniuses behind that!  Who is on that level?!?! I want to be on that foodie level!

Very busy seafood prep cooks

Island Creek Oysters!

A plethora of prepared meat dishes.. just cook and serve!

They had a WHOLE section of grass fed meats! Plus it was pretty affordable for organic/grass fed.. only $5.99lb (yes its pricey, but I don't eat a ton of red meat, so quality of quantity works for this girl)

At this point I actually gasped out loud and begin to giggle nervously in excitement!  The guy behind the counter was laughing at me.... (I wish I was kidding!)

Full kosher section with prepared and fresh foods! 

$4.99!!!  For a fully cooked yummy chicken!  That is some deal people!  Get it!

Oh the prepared food section... It makes the Hot Bar at Whole Foods look like the convienence store hot dog stand.  Sorry whole foods.. but honestly! Dim Sum, Indian, Thai, Vegetarian, Salad, Homestyle all prepared fresh and hot (or cold) right there!


Yeah, I doubled back to the sushi section..  Can you see the octopus at the end?  Holy sushi goodness Batman!

Thought about a java stop to refuel for this extravaganza!

Biggest Pretzel EVER! Is he smiling at me?

Oh the liquor!  
I swear this section was as big as most warehouse package stores!  I didn't peruse this section since we have plenty of wine at the apartment, but I totally foresee many holiday stock ups done here.

Flavored Mineral H2O - Wegmans Brand

A never ending row of checkout lines!  Well played!

My cart of goodies! 
This mini cart was the result of me TRYING to restrain from buying a ton.. These are the items I couldn't resist...

This post is a bit random, but honestly I was so excited and so overwhelmed by all the goodness that I am still having a hard time forming it into words never mind trying to write about it!

I walked out almost 2 hours later and instantly called my mom to fawn over the store...  If I lived a bit closer I would go weekly!  I think it is more realistic that I will make my way there approximately 2 times a month for stocking up.

Lets be honest too, while Wegmans promotes that it is cheaper than other supermarkets, there are items that are a bit pricey.  In their defense, you should expect to pay more for the pre-washed, chopped or pre-seasoned items.  My advice is go with a plan, know what you want for staple items and pick a few items to splurge on each visit.  You can easily get carried away at all the goodness they have!

Oh yeah.. this happened too..  5pm and already dark out!  Blergg.......

Anyone else been to Wegmans yet?  What is your favorite part? Or what are you looking forward to the most for your first visit?