Wednesday, November 30, 2011

It begins!

(I apologize for the no-picture very wordy post)

Late last week this foodie received a package full of DVDs and books all from Team Beachbody!

Over the holiday I spent a good chunk of time reading from cover to cover the books that came along with the P90X DVDs along with taken my measurements and "before" photos.  Lets just say that this girl who used to run 6 miles a day AND lift for at least in hour in college is far far away!!  I may be 5'9" and not obese by any standards.  BUT I am 36% fat and my ability to do a pull up is just plain sad!

I fully admit that in a way to deal with my terror of taking on this challenge I spent an extra few days procrastinating setting up my bedroom workout area with a chin up/push up bar, new extra cushy yoga mat, my dust collected resistance bands and a folding chair for all the exercises to come.  Once that was set up, I entered in my workouts into a Google Calendar and synced with my iPod so I can track everything!  (P90X has a GREAT App for tracking your stats, workouts etc...).   With everything ready, the only thing left was to get my toukas out of bed!  So here is the routine going forward for the next 4 weeks.

Phase 1 (Weeks 1-3)

Tuesday 5am - Chest and Back plus Ab Ripper X (60 minutes)

Wednesday 5am - Plyometrics (60 minutes)

Thursday 5am -  Shoulders and Arms, Ab Ripper X

Friday 5am -  Yoga (90 minutes)

Saturday 7am -  Legs and Back, Ab Ripper X

Sunday 7am - Kenpo X (60 minutes)

Monday 5am - Rest or X Stretch

Recovery Week (Week 4)

Tuesday 5am - Yoga (90 minutes)

Wednesday 5am - Core Synergistic (60 minutes)

Thursday 5am -  Kenpo X

Friday 5am -  X Stretch

Saturday 7am -  Core Synergistic (60 minutes)

Sunday 7am - Yoga X (90 minutes)

Monday 5am - Rest or X Stretch

After this Phase 1, I will start Phase 2 which will begin another round of muscle confusion ending with the recovery week.  I not worried about the early morning wake ups, I am usually up at this time anyways. I am more concerned with getting in all the workouts with the holidays coming up.  Can I fit them in when home with the family or on weekends away with friends?

My number one goal for this adventure is to try my best and not over think it!  I am notorious for trying to be perfect at something right out the gate and getting overly frustrated when I am not.   I have 90 days to perfect a push up and accomplish a real chin up.  There is no reason to beat myself up for not being perfect on day 1 or if I miss a workout when traveling.

The fact that I am trying this and getting way more exercise than I currently do is something I should be proud about.

Now some other good and bad things I have noticed with this new routine....

  • I may never straighten my hair again... too much work just to wash it every day....
  • I need to double up on my snacks at work.  Working out in the a.m. is making me VERY VERY hungry come 10am...  Need to investigate more healthy protein rich snacks!
  • I am stronger than I think!  Out of the gate I did 5 diamond push ups!  I didn't think I could do even one!!
  • My room is not ideal for this set up but come January when there is a foot of snow on the ground I will be happy I do not have to venture out to work out.
  • I forgot how much I like working out and having an instructor guide me and push me. ( I was a Billy Banks addict in college! )
  • I have signed up with an online coach (Coach Dan) who is great and also makes me a part of a P90X support group.  It is really nice to hear success stories from other people going through the challenge and also a great place to vent when you feel a little down about your progress!
Ok, so I think that is enough for week one...  I promise to add in some pics of the setup soon.  I am still debating on posting my before pictures.  Not that I don't love you guys, just not sure I want those pics out on the WWW for eternity...  I will however do a post on my stats.. Unlike most ladies, I could care less that you all know how squishy I am on day 1.