Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Getting Back On The Wagon

I try to eat healthy when traveling but the reality is that sometimes the good stuff is no where to be found. You are left with airline dinners, and lots of heavy dinners w/ co-workers that include to many cocktails.

So when I get home I like to restart my health clock by stocking up on fresh veggies and lean protein. You will be amazed at how much your body actually craves veggies once you purge the heavy carbs and sugars from your diet.

Now, lets be clear.. I am not telling anyone here to diet, go vegan or drastically change your diet.  I am a Safety Manager, and should be the last person giving health advice.  I will however, share with you all the tips I use to get myself feeling light and energetic after time on the road.  

First things first, there is no use in feeling guilty over all the indulgent things you consumed.  Accept that it was yummy and exactly what you needed at that time and move on!  Feeling bad about it is just going to delay you from getting off your toukas and starting fresh!

Ok, now that we are done with the guilt trip get your toukas to your favorite market to stock up on green and healthy goodies.  Every day you wait is just another day your takeout menu drawer will call to you...

I know, I have been there!  Not having good stuff in your house is the EASIEST excuse to continue to eat like crap!

Make a list and DO NOT go to the store hungry!  You will walk out of there $100 poorer and with nothing to make even one complete meal! (again, I am speaking from experience)

When you get home, do not just throw everything into the fridge and sit down...  If you do, you will never want to go back and wash your produce etc.. and will end up throwing it out at the end of the week.

The roommate and I usually wash and bag our produce when we get home.  Sometimes we even divide our veggies into snack size bags that we can just grab and go each morning.  

The less you have to think in the morning the more likely you are to keep on track!

My other big tip is cook once - eat 2x!  If you are going to grill up chicken or chop veggies that you know are going to be used several times that week.  Make it all at once!  No sense in pulling out your griddler Monday and Wednesday when you can grill everything on Monday!

Buy in bulk - It saves you $$ and you reduces the chances of running out and heading straight to Mcy D's for a hash brown or calling in for take out.

Keep it simple!  If you try to go all out with plans of making elaborate meals 4 days a week you might crash n' burn and get discouraged.  Life gets in the way.  I say, plan for 2-3 big meals and reach for leftovers or that egg sandwich you have been craving other nights...  Your wallet will thank you!

Simple roasted veggies, done before the delivery man would ever make it to your door!

Prepare on the weekends/at night.  Spending a few hours on Sunday to get your meals ready will pay you back 10 fold throughout the week.  Making a quick batch of muffins/protein bars or even grilling up your chicken will make preparing lunches a breeze!

Putting together your lunch and/or Overnight Oats together at night takes 10 minutes but I swear saves you an hour in the morning!  I don't get it.. but assume it as everything to do with being un-caffeinated!

So basically what does all this preaching   advice come down to?

A bit of planning will get you back on track with a house full of healthy yummy treats before you know it.  You will gain tons of energy, have less stress and zero guilt from the mid-week stop at the drive thru you made instead of heading home to make dinner (No worries, it happens to the best of us)

How do you get yourself back on track after falling off the proverbial health food wagon?