Tuesday, November 15, 2011

A fitness overhaul

You've been there.. its way too late at night and you can't help but watch that same infomercial for the umpteenth time.... 
Who doesn't want a sham WOW!?

You think, I could do that right... I have an extra hour every day.  But then you talk yourself out of it because it's an infomercial and there is no way it could work.

That has been this girl for almost 2 years with the  P90X.  infomercial.

I always watch it and think; I could do that, I did do that in college! Yeah, bootcamp for freshman year orientation does great things for your abs!!
MMA Cadets during 2010 Orientation
However, I always end up talking myself out of it with lame  excuses like

  • It is too much $$
  • I don't have the time
  • I don't have space in the apartment
  • I would bother the people living below me with all that jumping (my personal fav excuse!)
All of that seemed enough from keeping me from ordering it until this week. I finished my bootcamp course at work (it was hella awesome by the way!).  I saw the infomercial AGAIN and decided to research it online for some real feedback.  I also received an email from Beachbody.com asking if I was interested in sharing links about their site/products with you my readers.  (more on that later this week)

Soooo I decided to suck it up and order it!  I did this for a few reasons.

  • It is based on exercises I have done in the past and have seen positive results with.  
  • It is not advertising a magic solution, just hard work over time.  
  • Muscle Confusion! The solution to my eternal hatred for doing the same DVD over and over again. (Have you noticed I am a bit ADD when it comes to life...) I need the change up!
  • I am getting older and I have noticed that I am losing more and more muscle strength each year.  I want to be strong and healthy, at every age no matter what the scale says!

What does this all mean for my life and the blog?  

Mainly a plethora of hilarious posts for you all to read as I try and kick my own butt over the next 90 days.  I am going to use the blog as a way to chronicle my journey from squishy so-so in shape food lover to uber buff kick arse foodie!  I imagine a post about once a week on this topic over the 90 days.  I will probably include some photos varying on topics like my transformation to kick arse foodie, to how I set up my room for the workouts and action shots of me on the verge of death! (If I ever figure out that stupid self timer!!)

I will be honest and say that I am partially terrified to take on this challenge but I know that I can do it!  When I started college many many moons again I had to go through a 2 week bootcamp.  It was 2 weeks of push ups, running, 8 count body builders, planks etc...   I know, I know... I was 18 and it is many years later but I am the same person!  If I could push myself like that 24/7 over 2 weeks than I can totally find an hour a day for me!

Once my DVDs arrive, I plan on working out in the a.m.  My morning routine now is pretty sad, I usually wake up, make a cup of coffee and get back in bed for 45 minutes while I watch the news!  Yeah... can you say time waster!!  If I can do that, than I can certainly turn on the DVD and get my heart rate going each morning.   I know the holidays and traveling will put a strain on this challenge, but since I am not shopping. I should have plenty of time/energy to burn up!  Plus I can pack the DVDs in an overnight bag and bust out a workout before everyone else wakes up....

So has anyone else tried P90X or another type of at home fitness routine?  Do you have a plan to stay fit through the holiday season?