Saturday, November 12, 2011

DIY Spa Day for this Sailor

I have made it clear in many posts that I am a bit of a tomboy.   I wear hard hats and steel toe boots at work, and have been known to rock sweatpants at my local pub (yeah that is true!)
Be jealous of my glamorous work wardrobe!!!

But even this tomboy likes to pamper herself every now and then.  Fancy shmancy girls nights out, spa days and getting my hair did are things that all girls love! The problem is that spa days can be pretty pricey, so whats a girl to do?

Do it yourself!  There is a plethora of products on the market today that can allow you to recreate a spa at home and make you feel just like Dorothy at the Emerald City.
 For me personally I like the homemade masks (read 31 and still have acne!  blerrgggg) and DIY manicures.  After years of searching for the perfect combo I have finally found a 3 step manicure that is comparable to  the fancy shmancy Shellac manicure available now.  My manicures used to last 2-3 days before chipping.  With this new process they are lasting a solid week!  That is with ship visits, dishes and normal wear and tear of life.
I love this brownish reddish color from Essie.  It is downtown brown and available at CVS, Target or other local beauty shops.  For under $10, I could not ask for a better polish!

To perfect the manicure I add a base coat that bonds the polish to my nails and allows my manicure to last FOREVER! Bonder by Orly is AMAZING!  I never thought I would get a salon quality manicure but I have been using this stuff for several months now and have 0 complaints.  It works with any shade, only takes one coat and prolongs every manicure!
The Holy Trinity of Nail Care!
The top coat might be a personal favorite for this impatient sailor.  I am notorious for spending up to 20 minutes painting my nails, only to to get up and ruin them 5 minutes later because I refuse to let them dry properly...  Sorry but this girl has things to do!

Essie came to the rescue again with their speedy dry top coat "Good to Go".  This magic little bottle has made my manicures go from looking like a 13 year old teeny bopper to a 30 something woman with a hella sweet manicure!  No more smudges, chips or indentations post manicure!  Magic in a bottle... I said it and I mean it!!!

What is one routine you do at home to pamper yourself?