Monday, November 28, 2011

Dag Nam You Black Friday & Cyber Monday!!!

Ok guys... this is getting tough!!  I have had to spend the past 4 days deleting emails, changing channels and running past store fronts to avoid the urge to shop!!!  What the hell was I thinking when I decided to do this almost 2 months ago (Dec 19th will be 2 months, 4 to go!!)

Think my boss would care if I put this up in my office?!

Honestly the only thing keeping me from shopping right now is my inner monologue telling me that whatever I buy now will not fit after my 90days of PX!  Yes, I know I have insane thoughts and will most likely not need a whole new wardrobe BUT it has kept me from shopping so I am sticking to it!

One of the good things coming out of this challenge is that I have noticed that when you shop online you don't realize how much impulse shopping you really do.  You go to a site for one item and next thing you know your "cart" is full of stuff that you probably don't really need.

I am still finding myself perusing the interwebs for deals but have been closing the webpage and walking away for ten minutes.  I then come back and look what I had put in the cart.  So far I am batting 100% for stuff I don't need.  I still need to pick up Xmas gifts for the family so the worst is yet to come but I feel pretty good right now....

Now if only Amazon, Target, J.Crew and Banana Republic will stop sending me insane deals every 20 minutes!!!

Anyone else taking on a challenge during the holiday season?