Friday, November 11, 2011

Confessions of a Blogger

It is Friday night, I am relaxing at home in my sweats, drinking a white Russian out of a mason jar and creating a list of what to make for holiday food gifts based on what I see on Pinterest.

Yeah, be jealous of this party girl....

Since I am confessing my lame Friday to you all, I figured I would share some other things I love/do that are not so bloggerific....  This is a safe place right?  Great!  Enjoy!!

95% of my meals are not pretty and ready in under 15 minutes....

At any given time you will find 2-3 granola bars and a plethora of tea bags in my purse

I love tomato paste and string cheese grilled cheese sandwiches

I am terrified to tell strangers I have a blog

I am terrified of strangers......

Sometimes I think for a second that the on-goings of Vampire Diaries, Supernatural, Fringe and Secret Circle are real and get sad when I remember that they are not..... ( I also used to think I could be Evie from  "Out of this World" and tried to freeze time!)

I make vegan cheeze sauces to cover my chicken in

I think about food and cooking ALL day.... seriously!  If you see me, I am either talking, thinking or plotting my next culinary adventure.

Ok so that is enough of a confession for now... What's that?  You want one more confession?  OK enjoy this...

When I hit publish I will be turning on my TV to watch TMZ  because it is my guilty pleasure!