Saturday, October 22, 2011

Jumping on the Roasted Chickpea Train

The blogging world always seems to have trends throughout the year that I am usually guilty of indulging in myself.  Some of the big trends are ...

  • New Year's Resolutions & Goals
  • Pumpkin Everything come fall (we know this is my favorite!)
  • Baking challenges towards the holidays
  • Overnight Oats
  • Green Monster Smoothies
One of the trends I have been reading about and drooling over is Roasted Chickpeas.  They looked so yummy, healthy and easy to make!

After perusing the many blog posts I decided to go for spicy/savory rather than a sweet snack.  Lets be honest, I love chocolate just as much as the next girl but if given the choice.  I will always choice savory over sweet!

For this culinary adventure I went for a Chili Lime Chickpea recipe.  It couldn't have been easier!

Rinse & pat dry the chickpeas --> roast until crispy --> mix with favorite flavors --> ENJOY!!!

I have been eating these nonstop!  Crispy, zingy and spicy!!


recipe adapted from Willow Bird Baking