Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Clothing Challenge

I was a pretty big tom boy growing up and then went through the preppy stage in high school.  In college I wore a uniform to class and sweats around the dorm.  My idea of dressing up in college was a gap sweater and jeans w/out holes in them.  My first 2 jobs out of college had me in work boots and baseball hats 5 days a week.  So you can imagine when I finally did get the chance to dress up in office attire a few years back I jumped at the chance to reinvent myself and start dressing like a professional woman.

The up side to this reinvention of my style 5 years later is that I finally have a great foundation wardrobe to get me from work to play to fancy shmancy dinners.  The downside is that I am still in the mindset that I need to build my wardrobe.  I find it hard not to pick up a cute top or dress at Target or Forever 21 for $10 here or $20 there(mock if you like they have great pieces!).
My attempt at organizing the critical mass of clothing I have accumulated

Don't be fooled, my closet goes back on both sides AND I have 4 sliding bins under my bed for clothes!
Honestly, I have no need to walk into a store or peruse online for new items and until this morning I hadn't even given my shopping a second thought.  Then I read Gracie's Post about her challenge to not shop for 6 months!  Gasp I know!!  But lets be honest, winter is quickly approaching and I have a full stock of winter tights, jacket, boots and plenty of dresses that can be transitioned from fall to winter with a sweater and tights.  So in theory this shouldn't be hard at all...

However, I grew up in a family where we thought of finding a deal as a sporting event.  Day after Thanksgiving and Christmas are like the world series for my mom and I.  We are out of the house before the sun is up and home by 8am with a car full of deals!  It will be very interesting to see if I can make it though that without shopping for me....

To get myself through the urges to shop I am going to go ahead and try to inspire myself through pinterest and polyvore to reinvent my current wardrobe.  Perhaps it means splitting up a suit or even learning a bit of sewing to tailor items.  Not sure that I will post my outfits or creations here all the time, but I think it might be a good place to keep me honest and hopefully you can inspire me on how to reinvent everyday looks...

Today I actually managed to reinvent a summer dress into a fall look by adding tights and boots!  Perhaps this won't be as bad as I think!

Summer dress + Dark Tights + Boots = Fall Look