Friday, October 28, 2011

Going over the pond!

Sunday I leave for my annual trip to Odessa, Ukraine for a Crew Conference.  It is a week where us office folk get to meet with the crew all at once for updates, training and networking.
Huzzah for team building! (source)
Could you imagine a bunch of sailors holding hands for team building! HA! Now that would be something!

The entire conference is amazing but this year I am one of the lead planners for the shin dig.  So the normal laid back girl that I am has been turned into a giant ball of stress corralling cats the many speakers from 4 different countries all meeting in one spot!


However, with that being said, this whole event planning thing is TOUGH! Not sure how LV and Fritzy do it full time!
How I feel! (source)

With just a few days till take off I need to reread my post about traveling and why I love it get myself all geared up for TSA inspections, airline food and people watching!

My biggest worry for the trip is making sure I have all the presentations, handouts and agendas in order.  Thanks to USB drives, iClouds & Sharepoint I am pretty sure that there is NO WAY I am leaving anything behind...

Thankfully I know that as soon as we touch down in Odessa we will be met by the hardest working group of co-workers I know!  The Odessa office plans out this conference down to the minute complete with great food, entertainment and accommodations.

My challenge I have set for myself that is not work related is to see if I can make the week trip with 2 pairs of shoes.  1 pair of slip ons for flying/casual evenings and 1 pair of boots that will get me thru meetings and a crew dinner.

For my male readers, you may be asking how is this a challenge?  But trust me, for a girl going 6 days anywhere the thought of going w/out at least 3 pairs is somewhat terrifying!

I am also going to attempt the multi-purpose wardrobe by bringing several staple items (LBD, khaki color skirt etc..) that I can mix and match to cut down on my luggage.  The goal - 1 carry on and 1 laptop bag.

I have 2 International connections out and back for this trip so the probability of my luggage ending up at my final destination is not great!

What I would like to avoid! (source)

I will try to post this weekend what I end up packing before I leave (mini fashion/packing post).

Tomorrow though, I will embrace my inner 12 year old and bust out my finest Halloween Costume on the streets of Boston!

Are you doing anything fun for the holiday or traveling anywhere great anytime soon?