Friday, October 21, 2011

Fall Obsessions

I have posted mostly this week about my undying love and allegiance to fall! 

The food, the weather and the sports make it the greatest time of the year!   I thought to welcome in the weekend I would share with you all some of the items I am obsessing about this fall (food and non food related)

Welcome back the reigning Stanley Cup Champions.. The Boston Bruins!!  I fully admit that before moving in with my roommate, I was just a fair weather hockey fan.  Now I live for games and truly enjoy the early season games of fall!
Bs game on Columbus Day

Fall Veggies
I think I have talked enough this week about my love for the fall harvest.  But honestly people, what is not to love about an abundance of hearty, healthy and tasty veggies!

Acorn squash with cinnamon, nom nomm nommm

This is the biggest obsession of them all!  I am pretty sure I went 5 days straight eating pumpkin in some form throughout the day.  Whether it be in overnight oats, in my coffee, mixed in soup, or in my beer this fall veggie is numero uno in my food rotation!!

pumpkin overnight oats w/ morning glory muffin

more pumpkin overnight oats with pumpkin coffee

coffee with pumpkin spiced clif bar (very tasty and not too sweet)


Essie Nail Color
Amazing fall colors, long lasting and much cheaper than getting a manicure every week!  Totally loving the pink/nude colors and the greyish purplely colors. 

Lumene Artic Freeze
Ok so I know this is a foodie blog but I have to share this with you all!  I bought the $3 sample at CVS the other day on a whim...  At 31 I already have several laugh lines forming on my forehead and around my eyes.  I will NEVER get botox but thought a little firming cream couldn't hurt. 

I put this on and I swear to you, not more than 5 minutes later the deep crease in my forehead was barely noticeable!  Pretty sure the sample will last several weeks but I am excited to see the long term outcome after using it for a few weeks.
For the past 5 weeks a group of co-workers and I have been meeting with a trainer for 90 minutes 3 days a week after work.  I was terrified first at the thought of signing up and seeing how out of shape I really was.   However, I can say that I was a fool to be worried for even a second.

Now truthfully, I haven't been pushed this far since my first real bootcamp at Mass Maritime back in 98' but honestly I really love this class!  Our trainer pushes us past where we think we can go but manages to lift our spirits and make us laugh at the same time!  5 weeks in and I have gone from not being able to do one full push up to completing a full pyramid of push ups/squats this past Monday.

I am hoping to continue this class with a 2nd session during the holidays but also take what I have learned and use it at home mixed with a combo of running and yoga.

What are you obsessing about this fall?